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Microsoft 365 administration made easy

Microsoft 365 services are extensively used by most organizations and the amount of data generated everyday is huge.

Troubleshooting an issue in Microsoft 365 can be quite difficult, and securing the organization becomes complicated with multiple admin centers in place. The native consoles also lack certain bulk management tasks, comprehensive audit reports, and granular role-based access control.

To overcome the above challenges, organizations need an efficient and user-friendly solution for their Microsoft 365 administration needs. ManageEngine AD360 helps efficiently audit, manage, and monitor Microsoft 365 services. Right from automating users' lifecycle to maintaining detailed audit reports, you can easily perform various tasks to manage and secure your cloud setup with AD360.

Microsoft 365 administration with AD360

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365 automated
    bulk management
  • Microsoft 365
    auditing and alerting
  • Microsoft 365 monitoring
    and content search
  • Microsoft 365 help
    desk delegation

Microsoft 365 reporting

  • Leverage over 700 pre-configured, exportable reports to generate information on Shared Mailboxes, Recently Created Users, Group Modification, and Soon to Expire Licenses.
  • Track user and admin activities with reports such as User Logon Activity, Exchange Admin Activity, and Mail Traffic Summary. Perform management tasks on the objects generated in the reports.
  • Schedule reports to be generated at periodic time intervals and have them mailed to you.
  • Ensure that compliance standards such as the GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, GLBA, and FISMA are met with our exclusive compliance reports.
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Microsoft 365 automated bulk management

  • Manage mailboxes, users, groups, contacts, calendars, licenses, teams, sites, and more with built-in bulk management templates.
  • Perform bulk management tasks by importing a simple CSV file with the required data, saving time and effort.
  • Reduce disparities across the organization with customizable templates for user, group, and contact creation.
  • Reduce the effort of doing tasks manually by automating them. Create and schedule automation policies to execute a chain of tasks automatically, based on preset conditions.
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Microsoft 365 auditing and alerting

  • Generate customizable and exportable audit reports on non-owner mailbox activities, failed logons, permission changes, mail trace, DLP policy matches, malware detection, modified files, and more. Get real time alerts to stay on top of suspicious activities in your organization.
  • Create custom audit profiles with advanced filters to generate specific audit reports at periodic intervals, and have them mailed to you.
  • Create alert profiles and categorize the alerts based on the severity of the events and configure Alerts Threshold to specify the number of events and the time interval within which these events should occur to trigger an alert.
  • Use the Business Hours filter to look out for any suspicious activities that may take place outside the set business hours of your organization and get notified of the same.
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Microsoft 365 monitoring and content search

  • Monitor the health and performance of your Microsoft 365 services from a single, user-friendly console and get detailed reports on various Microsoft 365 features and endpoints.
  • Schedule monitoring profiles to run at regular intervals to ensure uninterrupted functioning of your Microsoft 365 environment and get alerts based on the event's severity.
  • Perform condition and pattern-based content search on multiple mailboxes to identify PIIs such as credit card number, social security number, and login credentials. Automate searches to happen periodically and create alerts to get notified about the search results.
  • Perform instant content searches to scrutinize mailboxes and keep a close check on ransomware, malware, spear phishing attacks, and more.
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Microsoft 365 help desk delegation

  • Create custom help desk roles and delegate these roles to non-admin technicians to reduce admin workload.
  • Delegate roles to technicians without elevating their permissions in Microsoft 365 and keep a check on their activities with detailed audit reports.
  • Create virtual tenants to easily manage multiple Microsoft 365 tenants from a single pane, and delegate these virtual tenants to technicians.
  • Restrict the usage of Microsoft 365 licenses by delegating them based on domain, virtual tenant, and technician.
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Highlights of AD360

  •  In-depth
  •  Bulk management
  •  Custom automation
  •  Granular
  •  Real-time
  •  24x7 monitoring
In-depth reporting

Schedule, export, and mail reports to your inbox.


Filter the reports to scrutinize them effectively.


Perform management tasks on the objects generated in the report.

Bulk management tasks

Use management templates to standardize attributes across the organization, for creating and modifying Microsoft 365 users, groups, contacts, and mailboxes.


Find out if any of your scheduled tasks have been delayed and their status.

Custom automation policies

Automate management tasks to take place at a particular time or periodically, making Microsoft 365 administration effortless.


Automate a chain of tasks that will take place based on preset conditions and time.

Granular auditing

Choose the Period, Business Hours, and Virtual Tenant for auditing activities that take place in your Microsoft 365 environment.


Filter out the results for a more precise audit report.


Export the graph in an image format.


Export the audit report in PDF, CSV, HTML, or XLS format.


Schedule the audit profile to generate audit reports at periodic time intervals.

Real-time alerting

Filter the alerts further based on Severity, Creation Time, and Alert Message.


Easily view how many alerts require your attention, how many indicate trouble, and how many are critical.

24x7 monitoring

Monitor the overall health and performance of your Microsoft 365 services, and view detailed monitoring reports for the features and endpoints of these services.


View how many of your services are marked as Healthy, Advisory (issues with limited impact), and Incident (critical issue with notable impact).


Why AD360 is the ideal choice to manage Microsoft 365

  • Use customizable dashboards with graphical data to easily view what is happening in your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Embed widgets and the dashboard to another webpage or view them separately in a browser tab.
  • Analyze user logon locations by geotagging your audit logs.
  • Say goodbye to using multiple Microsoft 365 admin centers and manage all the services from a single console.
  • Integrate with your enterprise SIEM deployment for better analysis.
  • Export all reports to PDF, CSV, XLS, and HTML formats.

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