Defend your network from insider threats and cyberattacks with adaptive MFA

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Create a Zero Trust environment with advanced MFA

Granting the right resource access to the right individuals is crucial in network security.

The last thing anybody wants is a hacked privileged user account by an external or internal threat user. To prevent such mishaps from occurring, organizations need to enforce effective MFA techniques to secure user identities in the network. If your business is looking for a holistic MFA solution for all-round network security, then AD360 is just the thing you need!

AD360 is a comprehensive IAM solution offering MFA, SSO, conditional access, and customizable trust settings. It helps mitigate potential cyber threats that your organization may be vulnerable to and build an extensive Zero Trust environment.

Boost network security with advanced MFA

  • MFA for application and endpoint access
  • MFA authenticators
  • Context-based authentication

MFA for application and endpoint access

  • Enforce MFA to secure SSO to pre-defined and custom enterprise applications supporting SAML, OAuth, or OIDC protocols.
  • Secure user access to endpoints such as machine, VPN, RDP, and OWA logons, with MFA, which can be customized based on users' OUs and groups.
  • Choose from a wide range of MFA authenticators offered to secure access to the respective endpoints and applications.
  • Customize MFA trust settings to allow users to establish a trusted browser or device, enabling them to skip MFA for a limited number of days to save time.
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MFA authenticators

  • AD360 offers 19 different authentication factors ranging from email verification to YubiKey and biometric authenticators.
  • Enforce the number and type of MFA authentication factors that users have to verify with, for different activities.
  • Simplify the MFA enrollment process for both admins and users using quick enrollment options, like email or push notifications, logon scripts, CSV file imports, and data imports from external databases.
  • Enable backup verification codes to help users prove their identities if they lose their MFA device, or in case of unprecedented emergencies.
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Context-based authentication

  • Configure powerful conditional access policies that perform adaptive or context-based authentication based on admin-configured conditions.
  • Choose from a wide range of conditions, such as IP address, business hours, geolocation, and the type of device used to configure conditional access policies.
  • Use operators, like AND, OR, and NOT, to control the scope or applicability of the conditions specific to a conditional access policy.
  • Enforce different conditional access policies for users belonging to different OUs and groups.
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An enriched, user-friendly console for admins and users

  •  Multiple MFA authenticators
  •  Advanced MFA
  •  Windows logon MFA
Multiple MFA authenticators

Choose from 19 different authenticators to verify your users' identities.

Advanced MFA

Pick the number and type of MFA methods that your users must authenticate with to gain access to resources.


Configure MFA for user self-service activities like password reset and account unlock.


Configure MFA for endpoints such as machine, VPN, RDP, and OWA logons.

Windows logon MFA  

Benefits of implementing MFA using AD360

  • Secure multiple resources:
    Secure machine, application, VPN, RDP, and OWA logons with MFA.
  • Safeguard access:
    Rest assured that MFA secures the network even when a user's password gets compromised.
  • Enhance user experience:
    Ensure ease of use by configuring different levels of authentication for users with different levels of privileges.
  • Comply with regulatory standards:
    Enforce MFA and comply with IT regulations such as the PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST SP 800-63B.

Enhance identity security and access ease
with adaptive MFA

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