Eliminate password-related
help desk tickets with self-service password management

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Reduce IT workload and enhance password security with AD360

Cascading password-related issues can be tackled with an efficient self-service password management solution.

More often than not, IT admins of digital businesses find themselves drowning in an ocean of password-related tickets or identity-related issues. This can be sorted easily by deploying a self-service solution for end users while also saving organizations the time and money spent on addressing password-related issues.

AD360 helps to securely empower end users with self-service password management features, like self-service password reset and account unlock, cached credential update, password policy enforcement, and real-time password sync. Apart from self-service password management, AD360 offers adaptive MFA, SSO, automated identity life cycle management, approval-based workflows, and more.

A comprehensive self-service password management solution

  • Self-service password
    reset and account unlock
  • Web-based domain
    password change
  • Granular password
    policy enforcer
  • Real-time password
  • Password expiration

Self-service password reset and account unlock

  • Allow users to reset passwords and unlock accounts for AD, Microsoft 365, and other enterprise applications, after secure MFA.
  • Enable password resets from desktop logon screens and mobile devices, in addition to the default web-based portal.
  • Update cached credentials for remote users after a password reset operation via VPN.

Web-based domain password change

  • Provide a secure web-based portal for remote or roaming users to change their AD passwords.
  • Allow VPN-only or OWA users to change their passwords, even through mobile devices, using the ADSelfService Plus mobile app.
  • Use the Password Strength Analyzer to prompt password strength to the users as they choose new passwords.

Granular password policy enforcer

  • Enforce a tailor-made, custom password policy that seamlessly integrates with the built-in AD password policies.
  • Configure advanced password policy controls such as blocking dictionary words, palindromes, patterns, and compromised passwords.
  • Allow users to use Unicode characters in their passwords, as well as uppercase, lowercase, special, and numeric characters.

Real-time password synchronizer

  • Synchronize AD user passwords across all connected applications using the Password Sync agent and reduce your IT help desk's password-related tickets.
  • Choose from pre-integrated applications, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, or add your own custom applications so users can maintain a single identity across any platform.
  • Automatically sync users' passwords across connected platforms after a password change or reset operation.

Password expiration notifier

  • Search for AD user accounts whose passwords are about to expire and notify users via SMS, email, and push notifications.
  • Specify the priority or importance of the password expiration notification as high, medium, or low, to alert users efficiently.
  • Notify users about their account status along with their password expiration details.

An interactive console that makes self-service effortless

  •  Self-service
    password reset
  •  Password
    policy enforcement
  •  Cross-platform
    password synchronizer
  •  Password expiration
Self-service password reset

Allow users to reset passwords on the go from their mobile devices.


Let users reset their passwords from their machines' logon screens to save time from being locked out.


Allow users to reset their passwords using the ADSelfService Plus web portal.

Password policy enforcement

Assign fine-grained password policies to users belonging to different groups and OUs.


Choose the minimum number of complexity requirements your users' passwords should satisfy as per your organization's security needs.

Cross-platform password syncronizer

In addition to the pre-integrated applications, add your own custom application to synchronize your users' passwords.

Password expiration notification

Configure password expiration notifications to be automatically sent out at specific time intervals or a set time.


Specify the priority or importance of the password expiration notification as high, medium, or low.


Benefits of
self-service password management in AD360

  • Improved ROI
    Deploy AD360 and observe visible reductions in password-related tickets and help desk costs, while improving your ROI.
  • Simplified reporting and auditing
    Give administrators a holistic overview of their users' password statuses through several comprehensive reports, and make data collection for legal auditing easy.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards
    Ensure that your organization meets regulatory compliance standards, like the PCI DSS, SOX, CJIS, NIST SP 800-63B, and HIPAA.
  • Enhanced user experience
    Display the configured password policies to users during self-service password reset and password change operations, to make the process hassle-free. Indicate the new password's strength to the user using the Password Strength Analyzer.
  • Customization and flexibility
    Create different policies for different types of users in the organization according to their role and the level of access required to access sensitive data. Allow users to change their passwords from their browsers or mobile phones, anywhere, anytime.

Empower your employees with
self-service password management

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