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Amazon S3 bucket logging

In the Amazon S3 architecture, data is stored as objects in scalable containers known as buckets. Buckets store data of all sizes—from small text files to large databases. S3 buckets are created and managed in the S3 web interface console, allowing users to oversee their storage infrastructure.

Cloud Security Plus helps keep track of bucket activity in the S3 architecture with reports that cover key actions, such as the creation and deletion of S3 buckets. These reports answer the following questions about S3 bucket activity:

  • Who performed which event?
  • Which source IP address did the request come from?
  • When did the event occur?
  • What error prevented the event from being successful?

This information helps track changes made to AWS resources and troubleshoot operational issues.

Amazon S3 bucket activity reports

All S3 activity: Records every event that happens in the S3 service, including bucket-level and object-level actions.

All S3 activity

Deletion events

Failed actions in S3: Aggregates the unsuccessful events that occur in the S3 service. Lists details on the error that caused the action to fail, including the error code and its corresponding message.

Deletion events: Displays all the deletion events that occur in the S3 service, reporting at both the bucket-level and object-level like DELETE Bucket lifecycle, DELETE Bucket policy, DeleteMultipleObjects, and more.

S3 bucket activity: Lists events (PUT and DELETE data requests) that result in a change within the S3 service. For example, events such as PUT Bucket Logging are listed but not GET Bucket location.

Recently created or deleted buckets: Lists the buckets that were recently created or deleted with information on who performed the action and from which source IP the action was performed.

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