Highlights of DataSecurity Plus' file change notifier


    Detect privilege escalation

    Receive immediate alerts when there is a sudden spike in file permission changes.


    Anomalous file activities identification

    Track suspicious and unwarranted files activities with detailed reports.


    Automated ransomware response

    Detect and cut off potential ransomware attacks with preconfigured threat responses.

Capabilities of DataSecurity Plus' file alert monitor

Track high-risk file actions

  • Monitor file integrity

    Track all file modifications and maintain a detailed audit trail to ensure data integrity and accountability. Gain firsthand information on who modified a file, when, and from where.

  • Stop ransomware attacks

    Detect ransomware attacks by spotting indicators like spikes in file rename and permission changes. Quarantine ransomware infections using threat responses.

  • Use preconfigured alert profiles

    Monitor high-risk file activities including SACL, owner, and permission changes. Trigger instant alerts based on the intensity of the threat they pose to your organization.


Trigger instant alerts

  • Automate your threat response

    Use our default scripts or create your own to cut off ransomware infections, shut down infected devices, disconnect rogue users sessions, and more based on the security alert triggered.

  • Expedite forensic analysis

    Find contextual and actionable details for every alert triggered including details on what triggered the alert, the process involved, when it was triggered, and much more.

  • Meet compliance requirements

    Use our extensive audit-ready reports to meet the various requirements mandated by the GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more. Store historical audit data to help with legal and forensic requirements.

Stay vigilant and respond instantly to high-risk events with DataSecurity Plus' file change notification tool.

  • Detect incidents rapidly
  • Analyze events easily
  • Customize alert profiles
Security, preconfigured

Speed up incident detection with default alerts for malware, access anomalies, or other significant events. View severity-specific event counts and get detailed reports for each.

See only what you need.

Find breach sources by filtering reports according to your needs and analyzing each entry. Promptly locate infected files and respond accordingly.

Find answers quickly.

Identify anomalous activities and non-compliance effortlessly. Ease analysis by searching for events triggered by specific users or sources.

Secure critical assets.

Set alerts for specific events. Monitor critical files and folders, and get notifications when a user modifies them.

Define what's abnormal to you.

Receive alerts when file servers record a suspiciously large number of activities by establishing safe limits unique to your enterprise.

Automate incident response.

Automate responses to security incidents. Disable compromised user accounts, shut down infected devices, or create your own response strategies as per your enterprise's needs.


An all-in-one solution packed with powerful features



    Discover personal data

    Locate risky content such as PII/ePHI and maintain an inventory of the personal data you store.

    Learn More


    Classify sensitive files

    Leverage automatic and manual classification capabilities to sort risky files with sensitive data.

    Learn More

    Enable content-aware protection

    Scan for business-sensitive content and protect it from leakage via USBs and Outlook email.



    Uncover ROT data

    Find duplicate and non-business files; set up policies to manage outdated and trivial data; and more.

    Learn More


    Analyze security permissions

    Identify overexposed files and broken inheritances; analyze file ownership and permissions; and more.

    Learn More


    Analyze file storage

    Gain insight into disk usage patterns by analyzing storage growth and alerting to low disk space.

    Learn More

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