Free Disk Monitor Lite Tool - FAQs

1. I'm unable to connect to the server? What should I do?

(a) Check whether the host server is connected to the network
(b) Check whether the host server is up and running
(c) Check if the host server is behind firewall. If yes, then check whether port 445 and 135 are accessible. If not accessible, then open the port by configuring the firewall.
(d) In extreme cases, check whether the system resources are over utilized and could not respond to polling from the tool.


2. I have downloaded the tool but it is not running. What should I do?

(a) Microsoft .Net Framework not installed in your system.
(b) A lower version of Microsoft .Net Framework installed in your system. The tool requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 for running. The bin directory of the tool is provided with a utility ‘DotNetUtilities.exe’. Run this utility from the command prompt to find the .Net version installed in your system.

You can download and install Microsoft .Net framework 4.0 from here


3. What is the default port number for VMware?

443 is the default port. Port number field is optional.


4. In Hyper-V and VMware, what does the exploded sector in the graph indicate?

It indicates how much of disk or data store used space the VHD/VMDK file occupies.


5. My local host has VMware, but it is not displayed by default. How do I see VM details?

The tool connects to the local host by default. If VMware is enabled in localhost, delete it from the server list and add the localhost again.