Endpoint DLP Plus installs an agent in all the client computers that have to be managed. The agent properties can also be customized prior to installing the agents.

This document will explain you on the following:

Installing Agents from Endpoint DLP Plus Console

  1. The client computers can be added from Admin tab --> SoM --> Add Computers button. This will list the domains and workgroups that have been added.

  2. Click the Select Computers link pertaining to a domain/workgroup. This opens the Select Computers dialog listing all the available computers of the domain/workgroup.

  3. Select the computers that have to be managed using Endpoint DLP Plus and click OK. You can also manually specify the computer names instead of choosing them from the list. The selected computers gets added to the Selected Computers table in the Add Computers view.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for adding computers from multiple domains/workgroups.

  5. Select the "Install Agent Immediately" check box to install the Endpoint DLP Plus agents in the selected computers immediately. When this option is not selected, the computers are only added. You need to install the agents later to manage them.

  • Click Done to add the selected computers. All the selected computers gets added to the Scope of Management.

The Scope of Management page will list all the computers that are being managed by Endpoint DLP Plus along with the status of the agent installation and the agent version.  Agents can also be installed at a later stage, by selecting the computers from Admin --> SoM page and clicking the Install Agent button from the Endpoint DLP Plus Console.

Installing Agents Using Windows GPO

Agent installation through the console might fail due to various reasons like some security restrictions, firewall configurations, etc. There is a possibility that even after trying the resolutions provided in the online knowledge base, the installation can still fail. In such cases, you can install the agents with a startup script using Windows GPO. The agents gets installed during the next computer startup. 

Installing Agents Manually

To install a LAN agent manually, follow the steps given below:

  1. Under SoM, select the Remote Offices tab

  2. In the Download Agent column, against the local office you have added, click the Download LAN Agent icon

  3. Save the .zip file in the computer on which you want to install the agent

  4. Extract the contents of the zip file

  5. Open a command prompt with run as admin privilege and navigate to the location of extracted zip folder and run the command setup.bat

  6. Select option 1 to install agent in this computer

You have now successfully deployed LAN agent.

Retry Agent Installation

Enabling this settings will automatically retry to install the Endpoint DLP Plus agents, on the failed targets. If the one of the target computer is not reachable, instead of manually retrying to install the agent, you can specify the number of times, the automatic retry should happen. You can also specify the maximum frequency for this to be repeated. The retry process will be performed based on the specified frequency for the specified number of days. Mail alerts can be configured to notify when the agent installation has succeeded on one or more computers. Follow the steps mentioned below to configure retry agent installation process:

  1. Click Admin & tab on Endpoint DLP Plus web console

  2. Choose SoM

  3. Select Settings

  4. Enable the check box, to retry agent installation process

  5. Specify the frequency and the number of days for the retry process to happen.

  6. Specify the email address to which the notifications need to be sent.

You have successfully configured the settings to retry agent installation on failed computers.

Uninstalling Agents

To uninstall the agents from the computers, select the desktops from the list and select Uninstall Agent from the Actions box.

Removing the Computers

To remove the computers from the list, select the computers and select Remove Computer from the Actions box. The Endpoint DLP Plus agents have to be uninstalled prior to removing a computer from the scope.

Identifying the Live Status of Endpoint DLP Plus Agent

Endpoint DLP Plus updates the live status of computers periodically. This data is updated every ten minutes or while an on-demand operation is performed on a client computer.  You can see the live status of the Endpoint DLP Plus agents by clicking on SoM, under "Computers" View. The following status will be displayed:

  1. The computer icon will be in green color if the Endpoint DLP Plus Agent is live.

  2. The computer icon will be in red, if the Endpoint DLP Plus agent is down. Endpoint DLP Plus agent can be down in the following scenarios:

    1. If the computer is not in the network

    2. If the computer is shutdown

    3. If the Endpoint DLP Plus agent service has been stopped

    4. If the Endpoint DLP Plus agent has been crashed

  3. The computer icon will be in grey, if Endpoint DLP Plus agent is not installed in it. Those computers are discovered in the SoM because they are added to the active directory but not managed by Endpoint DLP Plus.