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Free Windows Management Tools

Free Exchange Health MonitorExchange Server Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

Monitor the performance of Microsoft Exchange Servers in real time using Free Exchange Health Monitor. Visualize critical performance parameters of MS Exchange Server in a desktop tool dashboard.

  • Monitor CPU, memory, disk space utilization and disk read/write rate.
  • Monitor MS Exchange Server parameters like Memory, Mailbox/RPC, Client Access Server, Transport and POP/IMAP details
  • Monitor memory details like transition pages repurposed/sec, page reads/sec, messages sent/sec, etc.
  • Monitor send/receive queue size, mailbox and public messages queued for submission.
  • Keep a tab on Exchange 2010 parameters like aggregate queue length, submission queue length, unreachable queue length, etc.
Free Windows Service MonitorFree Windows Service Monitor - ManageEngine Free Tools

Vigilance on services running in the background helps keep your applications up and running. Free Windows Service Monitor helps monitor the business critical services remotely. Using the tool, you can now monitor Windows services on 3 devices simultaneously.

  • Out of the box monitoring of services for Exchange Server, MSSQL Server, SharePoint Server, MYSQL Server, Telnet Server, DHCP Server and WMI Services.
  • Get a graphical view of monitored services
  • Add upto 3 customer services and uncheck services that does not require monitoring.
  • Configure the status of services to start/stop/restart

Free SharePoint Health MonitorFree SharePoint Health Monitor - ManageEngine Free Tools

Free SharePoint Health monitor is a one stop tool for SharePoint monitoring. The tool helps SharePoint Administrators to keep a close watch on SharePoint environment such as SharePoint site, IIS server, MSSQL server and Host server.

  • Get a graphical view of SharePoint site response time.
  • Configure thresholds for CPU, memory, disk space utilization, get a dashboard view of the Host server and SharePoint environment.
  • Monitor critical SharePoint services like SharePoint service search, timer, tracer and office document launch service.
  • Have a tab on MSSQL parameters like free pages, page reads, page writes, SQL Cache memory and Buffer Cache Hit Ratio And also IIS web directory list.

Free SQL Health MonitorFree SQL Health Monitor - ManageEngine Free Tools

Free SQL Health Monitor retrieves key MSSQL server performance parameters in real-time and presents the information in a intuitive dashboard. Performance monitoring for up to two MSSQSL servers simultaneously.

  • Provision for network discovery to identify and establishing connection with MSSQL servers in the network.
  • Configure warning and critical thresholds for memory, CPU, disk utilization, SQL parameters - page reads/writes, free pages, SQL cache memory and buffer cache hit ratio.
  • Monitor MSSQL performance parameters like buffer,memory details, lock and latches information and SQL statistics such as login, logout, active database connection status.
  • Have a tab on the individual database parameters like active transaction, database size of the log file used and cache hit ratio status.
Free Windows Health MonitorFree Windows Health Monitor - ManageEngine Free Tools

Server performance issues creep in over time. Maintaining server performance remains a top priority for IT Administartors. With Free Windows Health Monitor, you can monitor all client and server OS versions for up to 20 servers/desktops simultaneously.

  • Configure thresholds for CPU, memory and disk utilization and get a graphical view of these parameters. Set thresholds at two levels - warning and critical. Color coding helps identify any impending faults well in advance.
  • Separate dashboard view for monitoring the top 3 resource consuming devices in isolation.
  • Have a tab on open TCP ports of your devices and secure them from intrusions. Free Windows Health Monitor is equipped with port scanning capabilities and lets you select either individual ports using custom selection or multiple ports within a selected range.
  • Keep stakeholders posted with Email snapshots of server performance reports in real-time from the tool.
Free Active Directory ToolsFree Active Directory Tools - ManageEngine Free Tools

A comprehensive suite of free tools that frees AD Admins from routine AD Management tasks:

  • Acquire any data you need about a specific AD object by feeding LDAP queries
  • Obtain comprehensive reports on any user specific attributes in CSV file format
  • Acquire list of all computers and local users for a specific computer in your domain.
  • Perform the account management operations like resetting passwords, add/remove users, enable/disable user accounts and more remotely.

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Free Windows Admin ToolsFree Windows Admin Tools - ManageEngine Free Tools

A dozen useful IT utilities that every Windows Administrator needs on a daily basis, packed in a single UI.

  • View the processes running on a remote machine, terminate any unwanted or resources consuming process' from the tool's UI.
  • Shutdown/Restart network computers remotely.
  • Get the complete list of software installed in the computers of a Windows domain.
  • Update the GPOs of multiple computers simultaneously.

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