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How to enable SSL port in M365 Manager Plus

Enabling SSL for M365 Manager Plus is essential for enhancing data security. This ensures a secure connection between the web browser and the M365 Manager Plus server, protecting against threats like data eavesdropping and theft.

Steps to enable SSL port in M365 Manager Plus

After installing M365 Manager Plus,

  1. Login to M365 Manager Plus.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Navigate to Settings → Admin → General Settings → Connection → SSL. Click on the Connection Settings tab.
  4. Under Connection Type, select the M365 Manager Plus (HTTPS) option, and provide the port number in which you want to run the product. The default port number is 9365.

Note: You can change the port number whenever you want. Ensure to restart the product once you change the port number.

Please refer this guide which elaborates the steps to enable HTTPS and install SSL certificate.


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