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SIEM integration with Microsoft 365

Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions collect incidents from various sources, such as servers, applications, databases, and firewalls. These incidents can help you catch a possible cyber attack before it spirals out of control, as well as contain attacks as they happen, which makes feeding security events or logs into your SIEM deployment essential for effectively mitigating attacks.

M365 Manager Plus captures data that helps you identify security incidents including information on failed logon attempts, non-owner mailbox access, password resets, emails sent using send-as and send-on-behalf permissions, and more. Forwarding this data from M365 Manager Plus into your SIEM deployment, or any other Syslog server that runs business intelligence applications, sets you up for in-depth analysis.

The advantages of integrating M365 Manager Plus with your SIEM solution

  • Centralized control: By integrating M365 Manager Plus with your SIEM solution, you can easily access and analyze security information from Microsoft 365, as well as a number of other sources, in a single console. For example, correlating multiple login failures from different tools with contextual information can help you prevent brute force attacks.
  • Compliance-ready features: Organizations need to archive log data in a central place in order to comply with regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and SOX. By sending Microsoft 365 log data to SIEM deployments,  you can easily meet regulatory mandates and perform forensic analysis in the event of a data breach.
  • Better incident detection: With logs presented in easy to understand reports, graphs, charts, and other formats, integrating  M365 Manager Plus with your SIEM solution takes identifying security threats in Microsoft 365 to another level.

How it works

Integrate M365 Manager Plus with your SIEM solution or Syslog server in just a few steps:

Archive, restore, and export historical audit logs in a few easy clicks.

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