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Multi-factor authentication for Microsoft 365 users

With brute-force, dictionary, and keylogger attacks rapidly bombarding passwords, administrators need to apply the necessary measures to secure their work environment from these types of attacks.

The most powerful and cost-effective solution to prevent password attacks is multi-factor authentication (MFA), as it requires additional credentials beyond just a username and password. For instance, admins can require users enter a one-time password (received through a phone call or text message) before they can access an application or certain data.

With most organizations opting for an Microsoft 365-based workspace, administrators must ensure that MFA is enabled for Microsoft 365 users to establish better security.

Configure MFA for Microsoft 365 users

While Microsoft 365 provides the option to configure MFA, the process is quite time-consuming and confusing. With its user-friendly UI, M365 Manager Plus simplifies this task by allowing you to configure MFA for multiple users in just a few clicks.

Multi-factor authentication for Microsoft 365 users

Why M365 Manager Plus?

With M365 Manager Plus, you can:

  • Enable and configure MFA from a single window.
  • Choose a default authentication method for users.
  • Designate a list of allowed authentication methods, including:
    1. Receiving a code via text.
    2. Receiving a code via phone call on a mobile or office number.
    3. Receiving a notification via an authentication app.
    4. Viewing a one-time password (OTP) in an authentication app.
  • Prevent users from using certain authentication methods.
  • Configure MFA for users in bulk by uploading a CSV file containing their user principal name.

Amp up Microsoft 365 security by enabling MFA for users in bulk.

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