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Fetching Device Battery Details

Many industries such as aviation and retail that have adopted mobility, need to keep a track of the battery levels on their enterprise's mobile devices that are involved in critical business functions. With Mobile Device Manager Plus, you can monitor the battery percentage and charging status for iOS, Android and Windows devices. You can also configure alerts to be sent to an email address if the battery percentage falls below a pre-defined value.


ME MDM app must be installed on the devices to fetch battery details. Learn how to automate ME MDM app installation in iOS devices.

Configuring Battery Level Tracking

Follow the steps given below to configure Battery Level Tracking on managed mobile devices.

  1. Navigate to Inventory -> Battery Level Tracking and click on Configure.
  2. Select whether you want to fetch battery details for all devices or a specific Group of devices. If you've chosen Selected Groups, then specify the Groups for which the battery level needs to be tracked.
  3. Specify how often the battery status should be fetched from devices. The minimum value that can be entered is 30 mins. This is to avoid excessive battery draining while fetching the updated status.
  4. Click on Save Changes to save the configuration.

NOTE: The battery levels are updated either during an inventory scan or when the ME MDM app provides this information based on the frequency set during the configuration steps. Whereas, the information about the charging status is only provided by the ME MDM app based on the pre-defined configuration.

Viewing Battery Level Details

You can view the battery percentage and charging status of all managed devices by navigating to Reports and selecting Device Battery History.

In addition to viewing the current battery level details of all the managed devices, you can also

  • Filter devices that have a battery percentage over or below a specific value.
  • View a history of the device battery level, battery temperature and charging statuses over a span of 7 days.

Note: The battery level data shown in the inventory corresponds to the current remaining battery percentage in the end device regardless of the device being charged.

Scheduling Alerts

MDM also provides an option to configure email alerts that can be sent to the admin, when the battery level falls below a pre-defined value. Follow the steps given below to enable email alert notifications:

  1. Navigate to Reports and click on the Scheduled Reports tab.
  2. Enter the Scheduler Name and optionally provide a description.
  3. Under Select Reports, click on Device Battery History.
  4. Add a filter that specifies the battery level below which the admin must be notified, by clicking on the + icon that is displayed when you hover over the report name
  5. If a filter is already available, select the required filter or add a new filter.
  6. If you're adding a new filter, under Column, select Battery Level. Specify the required criteria and the respective value.
  7. Configure the following details:
    1. Report format: Select whether the report should be in PDF, XLS or CSV format
    2. Receive emails even when no data is available: Specify whether you want to receive an email if no devices meet the specified criteria
    3. Specify Delivery Format and Recipients: Select whether the report should be added as an attachment, as a zip file or published on the MDM server with an access URL.
  8. Mention the recipients email address and the email subject line.
  9. Click on Save to configure email alerts.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • The charging status is displayed as Unknown in the Reports.
  • The charging status of devices is only updated based on the pre-defined configuration, whereas the battery level details are updated even during inventory scan. If the report is updated due to an inventory scan, the charging status will be specified as Unknown.

  • The reports are not displaying the updated battery levels for iOS devices.
  • Apple allows ME MDM app to request for battery level details only if it's a frequently used app. If the battery level details are not being updated on the MDM server during the inventory scan or based on the configured settings, open the ME MDM app on the device and initiate a Scan from the server. The latest battery details will be updated on the server.

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