How to automate ME MDM app installation in managed iOS devices? 


MDM requires the ME MDM app to be installed on the managed iOS devices, for Geo-Tracking, for securely sharing documents etc. By default, ME MDM app is distributed through the App Catalog.

For automating ME MDM app installation, you can distribute ME MDM app to all iOS devices, by clicking on Enrollment, select ME MDM App under iOS and select Distribute ME MDM app to the managed iOS devices.

To install the app silently only on selected devices, you need to follow the work flow explained below.


  1. Configure ABM app distribution for silent installation of apps as explained here.
  2. Purchase adequate ME MDM app licenses in Apple Business Manager (ABM) Portal. Syncing your ABM account with MDM, adds the ME MDM app to the App Repository. If you haven't already upgraded Apple VPP portal to ABM, you can migrate Apple VPP to ABM by following these steps
  3. Create a Group containing the selected devices, as explained here.
  4. Distribute ME MDM app, present in the App Repository to the created Group, as explained here. Ensure you select Force Install Enterprise App for Distribution Option before adding the app to the Group.
  5. If you're enrolling the device through:
    • Enrollment By Invitation: Ensure you select the created group for Assign to Group option, before sending the enrollment invite.
    • Self-Enrollment: While configuring Self-Enrollment settings, ensure you add the created group instead of the default group in the Groups for Enrolled Devices. If you want to install the app silently in corporate-owned devices, add the created group instead of default group. Further, while enrolling devices through Self-Enrollment, the device type must be selected as Corporate, for the app to be installed silently.
    • Admin Enrollment: If you're enrolling devices through Apple Configurator or Apple Business Manager (ABM), ensure you specify the created group while assigning users to the devices.
  6. Now, any device added to the Group, will have the ME MDM app installed silently in the device, as soon as it is enrolled.

You can also add the app to the Default Group(s), present in MDM instead of creating a new Group.

NOTE: This is applicable for iOS Supervised devices running 9.0 or later versions.