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What is PAM360 Remote Connect?

PAM360 Remote Connect is a desktop client (Thick Client) for Windows that is designed to help facilitate direct remote access to Windows and SSH-based target resources. Using PAM360 Remote Connect, you can do this without the use of multiple remote clients or a web browser.

What does PAM360 Remote Connect have to offer?

  • Secure RDP- and SSH-based remote sessions

  • Passwordless, one-click access to remote endpoints

  • Remote session launch from native MSTSC and PuTTY UIs

  • Audit trails for every remote session

  • Fine-grained, role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Concurrent remote sessions

With PAM360 Remote Connect, you can:

  • Utilize a desktop client for direct remote access to Windows and SSH-based target resources.
  • Launch remote sessions in the native PuTTY UI to connect to Linux- and SSH-based target resources.
  • Use native MSTSC when connecting to Windows-based target resources.
  • Maintain audit trails for every remote session.

To start using PAM360 Remote Connect, update PAM360 to the latest version (v5600).

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Help guide

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Watch our detailed video for help setting up and using PAM360 Remote Connect.

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