Optimizing Microsoft 365 license utilization using
ADManager Plus

The challenge

Microsoft 365 is a helpful tool used by enterprises around the world, but where it really falls short is the  Microsoft 365 Administrative Center.  The native tools for monitoring Microsoft 365 activity offer very little data, which makes it difficult to gain any insight into your Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online applications.

A critical aspect of Microsoft 365 management is license optimization. When you migrate to the  Microsoft 365 platform, you purchase licenses based on an estimate of your business needs. Over time, users and groups change in your environment: employees quit, licenses are kept unused by some departments, accounts are disabled, and more. If you're not reassigning licenses as employees leave your organization, you may end up purchasing more licenses  than you need. Unfortunately, Microsoft 365's administrative center fails to provide the required details for effective license management, and PowerShell scripts only further complicate the situation.

The solution

To optimize Microsoft 365 license utilization,  you need a reporting tool that can help  you  reclaim inactive licenses. You need detailed information on the active users, inactive users, users who have not logged in, and more. You also need to know who the existing licensed and unlicensed users are, how many license units are assigned and unassigned, and so on. With this information, you can optimize license utilization in your organization by removing licenses from inactive users, reassigning freed licenses, assigning unused licenses, and more. ADManager Plus fulfils all these requirements.

How ADManager Plus works

ADManager Plus is a comprehensive Microsoft 365 reporting tool  that  provides the following information:

Microsoft 365 User Reports

View details regarding all Microsoft 365 users, inactive users, never logged on users, and more. These reports offer insight into which users have what licenses, what the services available to  each of them are, who the inactive users are, who has never logged on, and much more. This helps you figure out the current utilization of licenses in your organization so you can take action if licenses are unused or assigned to users who no longer use them. 

Microsoft 365 User Reports

Microsoft 365 License Reports

See details on all the Microsoft 365 licenses in your organization  as well as  licensed and unlicensed users. Using the  Licensed Users report,  you  can  find out whether  licenses and services have been correctly assigned to users. The Unlicensed Users report helps you easily see who needs a license so you can accurately plan your purchase of additional licenses. You can also discover details about unused licenses as well as see estimates on your organization's  supply, demand, and utilization statistics for licenses using the License Details report.

Microsoft 365 License Reports

With ADManager Plus' Microsoft 365 reporting feature you can schedule when you'd like reports to be automatically  generated. These reports can be  saved in a specific format,  stored in a desired location, or sent via email.


For effective Microsoft 365 license optimization,  you need accurate information  on the users and licenses in your organization. The native tools in the Microsoft 365 Administrative Center only cover  minimal aspects of Microsoft 365 reporting, and using PowerShell scripting to fetch the information  you need from your Microsoft 365 environment can be both challenging and time consuming.

With ADManager Plus, you can:

  • View detailed information about Microsoft 365 users, licenses, and groups via preconfigured, script-free reports.
  • Generate required reports automatically at any specific time.
  • Email reports to multiple users or export reports  in HTML, PDF, XLS, CSV, and CSVDE formats.

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