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ADManager Plus is an integrated solution for managing and reporting on the identity and access rights of users in various types of organizations, including financial institutions. It offers:

Role-based user account provisioning
Create users with specific privileges based on their designation, location, or team.
Instant reports
Fetch critical security information, such as user logon activity and users’ group membership and NTFS permissions, to ace compliance audits for regulatory mandates like SOX and PCI DSS.
Streamlined task execution in AD
Enforce a review-approve mechanism for changes such as assigning or modifying users’ group memberships or NTFS permissions.
Error-free administration of privileges
Grant instant access to relevant data using customizable templates to quickly manage file server permissions and group membership.
Dormant user permissions cleanup
Get reports on inactive or disabled users, and strip them of their privileges on the fly.
Secure delegation of access rights to non-IT users
Get a complete audit trail of technician actions, along with their logon activity, to ensure there are no malicious insiders.
Time-bound access rights
Provide users with permissions to access customers’ financial data for a specified time for on-site assignments or audits.
Logon activity restrictions for users
Deny employee logons during non-business hours, and restrict users from accessing critical DCs containing sensitive financial information.

Here's how ADManager Plus can help with remote user management


With many institutions continuing to operate remotely in the wake of COVID-19, IT security teams are tasked with providing a seamless user experience without compromising the security of user accounts and sensitive business data.

With ADManager Plus you can:
  • Grant flexible logon permissions to employees in bulk.
  • Route employees password resets, account unlocks, and requests to access resources to managers instead of IT teams for quicker resolution.
  • Empower department heads to review employees’ access requests and address any unauthorized changes before access is granted.
  • Stay on top of the IT management needs of employees, and address them on-the-go using mobile apps.

Just about the best piece of security software that would put a smile on any security administrator

- Jacinto Godinho
Administrator: Quality Assurance and IT Security, Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait

Here's how your organization can use ADManager Plus’ reports to meet compliance requirements for SOX, PCI DSS, and GLBA:

  • Identify which users have logged on in the last N days.
  • View users whose recent logon attempts have failed.
  • Check users' last logon times.
  • List users whose passwords never expire.
  • See which users recently changed their passwords.
  • View recently created or modified users, computers, groups, contacts, OUs, and GPOs.
  • Get details on the security and distribution groups in your organization.
  • Identify users and groups with access rights to select folders.
  • View the members of specific groups.
  • See which folders specific user accounts can access.


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Technicians trust ADManager Plus to manage their Windows environment.

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