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Digital transformation across the software industry in the last few decades has changed the way businesses operate. Evolving technological advancements behove that organizations adapt rapidly to stay relevant and deliver seamless services to end users. The healthcare industry was perhaps the slowest to embrace these changes, partly because of fear of the sensitivity of information involved and the unexpected consequences of unnoticed errors, and the introduction of newer healthcare reforms has also affected the dynamics of this industry.

However, the onset of technology in the healthcare domain has shown disruptive changes in the efficiency of critical aspects involved. For example, most modern healthcare establishments today use digital experience monitoring extensively to ensure seamless communication between patients and their website/web application - may it be scheduling an appointment or checking health history records. Issues with performance can be identified from a single console making it easier to address downtimes and resume service. In fact, most healthcare APM tools are built to proactively detect and point to the root cause of issues before they transform into downtimes affecting end users.

End to end visibility into all facets of healthcare application infrastructure

Visibility into application infrastructure is crucial to any IT team in any business industry. When it comes to healthcare, it becomes all the more important since service disruption of even a few minutes during crucial hours could have potentially dangerous consequences. Healthcare applications need to be accessed without interruption by internal and external users alike. These applications process a range of important tasks including:

  • Health Record Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Prescription Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Imaging
  • Cross-app collaboration
  • Mail servers and messaging

Proactive monitoring of server and application infrastructure ensures that all these touchpoints necessary to deliver healthcare services are operating seamlessly.

Healthcare APM with Applications Manager

Applications Manager brings server infrastructure, application performance and end-user experience monitoring within one console. Given the multiple touch points involved with monitoring a complex healthcare IT ecosystem, a unified solution like Applications Manager can help collect and correlate metrics from all aspects i.e. from the server and application infrastructure to the website and end user experience. Applications Manager is secure, affordable and scalable for large deployments.

 Healthcare Application Performance Monitoring

Empower your application developers to find and fix code defects quickly with insights pertaining to response times, transaction traces, slow queries, memory leaks, exceptions, etc. Supports applications built on Java, Dot Net, Ruby, PHP and node.js.

 Monitor Healthcare Infrastructure

Monitor your servers, VMs, cloud, converged or container infrastructure for health and availability. Make sure hosted applications perform optimally by ensuring good server health. Get notified instantly when any issue arises and take corrective steps to ensure seamless performance.

 AIOps Assisted Smart Alerting & Troubleshooting

Use static and adaptive thresholds based on the type of healthcare application and expected workload. Proactively detect anomalies using dynamic baselines that trigger alerts when performance shows signs of slowing.

 Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping

All servers,VMs and healthcare applications in your IT ecosystem are automatically discovered, categorized and added within the console. Visualize the dependencies between your healthcare applications and other applications or servers within a business service.

 Hybrid Cloud Performance Monitoring

Monitor all your important resources whether they are on premise or on public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud or OpenStack. Detect performance bottlenecks including application lags and service outages.

 ML Powered Analytics for Capacity Planning

Predict growth and utilization trends of critical parameters using ML powered analytics. Make informed decisions regarding capacity planning based on disk and memory utilization insights of infrastructure elements.

 Performance Dashboards and Widgets

Quickly create dashboards to track all critical parameters in a single view. Get widgets to customize the dashboards with personalized views. Publish the link on internal portals for meetings and reviews.

 End User Experience Monitoring

Make use of synthetic transactions to simulate and record user journeys and interactions through your healthcare application. Monitor critical transactions with screenshots and breakdown of page elements with load time split ups.

Applications Manager helps healthcare IT teams to

  • Ensure successful IT rollouts, excellent user experience and efficient patient care.
  • Make sure critical healthcare applications perform optimally at all times.
  • Respond to user complaints quickly.
  • Reduce MTTR. Avoid war room scenarios to troubleshoot application and infrastructure issues.
  • Migrate on-premise infrastructure and applications to the cloud with confidence.
  • Optimize healthcare application usage and revenue.

APM in healthcare is changing and choosing the right toolset is important in an industry with little room for unexpected downtimes. If you are looking for an APM solution for healthcare institutions, take a look at Applications Manager to see how it meets your requirements. Start a 30 day free trial with all capabilities to better understand how the solution aligns with the IT application monitoring objectives of your organization.

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