APM Insight .NET Agent - Release Notes

.NET v6.3.0

Release Date: 01-12-2023

Issues Fixed

  • The issue of capturing requests with a sampling factor when the route is different has been resolved. [.NET Core]
  • The issue with AWS token detection, when "Use Instance Metadata Service Version 2" is enabled on an AWS EC2 instance, has been resolved. [.NET and .NET Core]
  • The issue with the Health Monitor tool, which displayed the "Loading profiler failed" warning message when the w3wp processes were idle, has been fixed. [.NET]


  • Support for .NET 7.0 applications. [.NET Core]
  • Support for external calls made via the WebClient provider. [.NET]
  • Support for including response code in external HTTP requests and displaying it in the trace. [.NET and .NET Core]
  • Support for tracking the response body for API transactions. [.NET Core]
  • Support for SQL call tracking using common database commands. [.NET]
  • Added an agent tray icon to show a shortcut to all agent-related tools. [.NET]
  • Added a separate XML-based configuration file for the Windows service filter. [.NET Core]

.NET v6.0.2

Release Date: 10-08-2023

Issues Fixed

  • An issue with the Profiler detecting .NET Core applications hosted on IIS has been fixed.[.NET Core]
  • An issue that occurred during the restart of the agent service has been fixed. The application pool recycle should now happen only after the service has successfully started.[.NET]
  • Casting request response time from long to int data type to synchronize at the collector end.[.NET]
  • Fixed an issue with getting the entire stacktrace in the Serilog provider.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • IIS issue with count mismatch when running a WCF application in classic mode has been resolved.[.NET]
  • Reading process environment variable in agent diagnostics.[.NET Core]
  • SQL parameter collection when the value is in quotes.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • Support for tracking background SQL calls as a separate request can now be enabled or disabled.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • The issue of printing unwanted log prints in the agent tracker factories has been fixed.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • There was an issue with error tracking when an exception occurred in the PreSendRequestHeaders event; this has now been fixed .[.NET]
  • The issue with collecting SQL parameters has been resolved. (When a user cleared the SQL parameters in their application, the APM agent was not able to collect the SQL parameters).[.NET and .NET Core]
  • The issue with creating a monitor with a new instance name after cloning the server with the APM agent has been resolved.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • The standalone app filter configuration set COR_PROFILER even though it was not configured during the agent upgrade. This issue has been resolved.[.NET]
  • The issue with getting a trace for a failed external component has been resolved.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • The issue with transaction merge patterns not being cleared in the Edit configuration tool has been resolved.[.NET]


  • Added note for App filter config in .NET core installation.[.NET Core]
  • Agent custom logs are included in the health monitor diagnostic zip.[.NET]
  • Application filter option enable/disable added for profiler via config file.[.NET Core]
  • For auto scaling, the host type AZURE VM has been changed to AZURE.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • HTTP Client support for tracking remote calls.[.NET]
  • Immediate configuration update during application startup is supported.[.NET]
  • The health monitor tool now displays information when there is a conflict with another APM product impacting APM Insight.[.NET]
  • .NET core startup instrumentation for.NET core 2.x and later versions.[.NET Core]
  • .NET 5 now has Windows service support.[.NET Core]
  • Permissions for the agent custom logs directory path are set.[.NET]
  • Redesigned to track all 4xx and higher errors.[.NET Core]
  • Revamped .NET Core startup instrumentation.[.NET Core]
  • Support for capturing the Request wait time of transactions in IIS.[.NET]
  • Support for capturing an instance's IP address list.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • Support for collecting .NET core application environment details in the .NET agent during diagnostics.[.NET]
  • Support for external call tracking via HTTP Client.[.NET]
  • Support for Entity framework for both .NET and .NET core.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • Support for .NET 6.0 applications.[.NET Core]
  • Support for RabbitMQ.[.NET Core]
  • Support for Redis.[.NET Core]
  • Support for specifying the APM application name via the command line during agent MSI installation.[.NET]
  • Support for tracking web method in ASPX.[.NET]

Note:The URL with the web method will be included in the transaction name.

  • Support for tracking SQL calls running in background tasks.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • Support for Windows Docker containers.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • Supports MVC route data tracking and transaction names customization.[.NET Core]
  • Supports reading the hostname and website name from the environment variable in Azure app services.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • The application status is synced with the monitor status in the .NET agent.[.NET]
  • WCF services now have Net.TCP request tracking support.[.NET]
  • The exact_url field has been added to the transaction trace to show the full URL.[.NET and .NET Core]

.NET v5.4.0

Release Date: 26-10-2021

Issues Fixed

  • There were issues collecting traces when an exception occurred, irrespective of response time.[.NET]
  • Standalone app was created as 'DOTNET_SERVICE' when spawned from a Windows service.[.NET]
  • Removed the profiler settings for the windows service and standalone app instead of disabling it during the agent uninstallation.[.NET]
  • Namespace was not available in the Custom instrumentation configuration tool.[.NET]
  • Security issue fixes.[.NET and .NET Core]


  • Support for self-contained applications.[.NET Core]
  • Support for Rabbit MQ monitoring.[.NET]
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Async - collecting database calls only.[.NET]
  • Support for MongoDB calls.[.NET]
  • Support for Azure Service Bus calls.[.NET]
  • Support for ElasticSearch calls.[.NET]
  • Support for .NET Core 3.1 applications.[.NET Core]
  • Support for tracking HTTP Headers.[.NET Core]
  • Support for .NET 5.0 applications.[.NET Core]
  • Support for MySQL Connector.[.NET Core]
  • Support for application filters.[.NET Core]
  • Support for entity framework core.[.NET Core]
  • Support for configuring instrumentation via portal.[.NET Core]
  • Checksum verification to validate the integrity of the downloaded agent.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • Moved the custom instrumentation configuration file to the application's publish directory.[.NET Core]
  • Enhanced the agent diagnose tool for troubleshooting.[.NET Core]
  • Displaying the standalone app version and the Sorting option in Edit configuration tool.[.NET]
  • Suffix a request param value in transaction name (Hidden config).[.NET]
  • Backup and restore config via command line and health monitor tool.[.NET]
  • Extracting SQL parameter values from parameterized queries.[.NET]
  • Tracking custom exceptions without modifying the code.[.NET]
  • Revamped NLog exception tracking.[.NET]
  • Thread profiling sampling threads count is limited to 10 for better performance.[.NET]
  • Web API application root tracker has been changed for the latest version of WebAPI.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • Collecting database name in trace.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • Revamped the .NET core uninstallation script to remove agent settings completely.[.NET Core]
  • Default log level for profiler will be 'DEBUG' for troubleshooting purposes.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • Collect process specific environment variables in the agent diagnostic file.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • Added host collection for PostgreSQL calls in the service map.[.NET and .NET Core]
  • Changing default port from -1 to component specific default port.[.NET and .NET Core]

.NET v4.8.1

Release Date: 28-09-2020

Issues Fixed

  • The 'Create Diagnostic Zip File' option was not working in Health Monitor tool. (Broken since v4.8.0)

.NET v4.8.0

Release Date: 19-08-2020

Issues Fixed

  • Response code metric was not captured at instance-level.


  • Enhanced and revamped the Standalone App configuration in the agent configuration tool.
  • Revamped Health monitor tool for collecting diagnostic data.
  • Added inner exception stack trace in exception metric trace.

.NET v4.7.0

Release Date: 01-07-2020

Issues Fixed

  • The 'Create Diagnostic Zip File' option was not working in Health Monitor tool.
  • The APM Insight Monitor for .NET agent goes DOWN and metrics were not being collected, even though the .NET agent service was RUNNING.
  • On restart of .NET agent service, some of the APM Insight .NET instances get re-created under a new APM Insight Application and the existing APM Insight instance goes down.
  • Security critical issue fix in .NET 4.0 applications.


  • Modified the image in installation wizard.