Getting Started

When Applications Manager is started in Windows, the default browser as configured in your system is invoked and the login screen is displayed. Login by specifying the authentication details. The default user name and password are "admin" and "admin" respectively. To know more about the different types of user access to the product, refer to the User Administration section of Performing Admin Activities.

In Windows, if you do not want the client to open by default, follow the steps given below to disable it.

  1. Edit file located in the <Applications Manager Home>/conf directory.
  2. Set the value of am.browser.startup as false (by default, it is true).

After this configuration, when you restart the server the next time, the web client will not be invoked automatically. In Linux, by itself, the client will not open by default..

To login to Web Client, when it is not opened by default

  1. Connect to the Applications Manager through any browser with the host name and port number, say http://localhost:9090, where 9090 is the default port number.
  2. In Windows, go to Program Files → ManageEngine Applications Manager → Applications Manager Web Console.
  3. Right-click the Applications Manager tray icon and click Start Web Client.
  4. Then log in to the Applications Manager by filling in the User Authentication details.

In case you forgot the password for your user account, you can reset the password from the login page using the Reset Password option. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • Click over the Reset Password link available in the login page.
  • Enter the username and the email ID configured for the user and click Reset Password.
  • An email containing the link for password reset will be sent if the given user details are correct. Click over the Reset Password link mentioned in the mail.
  • On clicking the link, you will be redirected to the Password Reset page. Enter the new password to be configured for the user account and submit.

Once password reset is successful, you can login using the new password configured from the login page.

  • Reset Password option is not supported for Plugin and SSO-enabled Enterprise Edition setup.
  • You can also use the startWebConsole.bat or sh file available at the <Applications Manager Home> directory that opens a default browser of the localhost and connect to the Applications Manager at http://localhost:9090. Ensure that the Applications Manager is started before executing this file.

Browse through the following topics which would help you understand Applications Manager better and work with it easily.

You can also refer our Best Practices Guide for more help on getting started with Applications Manager.

User management is not supported for the Applications Manager plugin build over OpManager. At present, there are only two types of roles available for plugin users - Administrator and Read-Only User. Operator, Delegated Admin and Manager role is not supported. Applications Manager Plugin users cannot assign monitors to the any specific users in the Apps tab. They can view all the default monitors only.