The target account name is incorrect


You see the error message "The target account name is incorrect" on the screen when you try to do either of the following:

  • When installing the image creator component.
  • When you are trying to access a remote machine's share.


  1. If the two computers, each from two different domains of the same network have the same computer name.
  2. This issue may occur because of the replication latencies due to changes in the domain.
  3. Due to improper trust relationship between two domains.
  4. Issues in DNS


To resolve this problem, follow the solutions given below,

Execute the following commands in the target computer one by one,

  • ipconfig /flushdns 
  • ipconfig /registerdns
  • net stop netlogon
  • net start netlogon.


Download this text file, rename it as a bat file and run this bat file to execute the command automatically. If you get this error due to any of the above causes specifically, please find the solutions for each causes below,

Cause 1:

Rename the computer in one of the domains.

Cause 2:

Wait till the replication completes after a change in domain.

Cause 3:

Reset the trust relationship between the two domains. To reset it execute the following command in any of the domain controller machines,
netdom trust /d:Domain1 Domain2 /Ud:Domain1\Username /reset
The /reset parameter synchronizes the appropriately shared secrets if they are not already synchronized.
Cause 4:
In the target computer, execute the command "netdiag -v" from a command prompt. This will create a netdiag.log file in the same directory that Netdiag was run. View netdiag.log file, check for any errors, and resolve the DNS errors.

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