Asset Data is not Posted to ServiceDesk Plus after Asset Scan in Endpoint Central


When you carry out an Inventory Scan using Endpoint Central, the new inventory details (if any) show up in Endpoint Central web console, but are not reflected in ServiceDesk Plus.


Asset data is posted to ServiceDesk Plus every time an inventory scan is completed in Endpoint Central. If you find any discrepancies between the Asset Data in Endpoint Central and ServiceDesk Plus, it may be due to the following reasons:


To resolve above mentioned causes, follow the steps given below:

  1. ServiceDesk Plus server is unreachable - Connectivity issues.
  2. Check connectivity by navigating to Admin>>Integration>>ServiceDesk Plus Settings, as shown below. If the server is not reachable, Asset Data won't be posted to SDP. Refresh all network connections and make sure that there aren't any connectivity issues.


  3. Under Features, "Asset data of computers" has not been selected.
  4. Navigate to Admin>>Integrations>>ServiceDesk plus settings>>Features and make sure that "Asset data of computers" is enabled.

    If it is disabled, click on "Modify" and enable the option as shown below:

  5. In SDP, under Advanced Security, the option "Stop uploading scanned XMLs via non-login URL" is enabled.
  6. Navigate to Admin>>Discovery>>Scan Settings>>General and disable the option "Stop uploading scanned XMLs via non-login URL" as shown below:


  7. Under Assets in SDP, the Asset State of the computer(s) has been qualified as "Expired"; or "Disposed"
  8. Make sure that the asset state of all the computers is updated correctly. Asset data for any assets that have been marked as "Expired" or "Disposed" will not be synced.

  9. Duplicate Service Tag/MAC Address.
  10. During an inventory scan in Endpoint Central, each workstation or server is identified uniquely by its service tag, name or MAC address. Different machines may end up having the same Service Tag or MAC Address and in such cases, the Asset data for one machine will get overwritten by another machine's data. You can check if this is the case with any of your machines by navigating to Admin>>Discovery>>Scan settings>>General in ServiceDesk Plus console, as shown below:

     To add Duplicate Service tags to the invalid list, select the corresponding service tags and then click on "Add to invalid list", as shown below:

    To disable MAC Address identification, select the concerned devices and then click on "Disable MAC Address identification", as shown below:

  11. Device has been excluded from SDP
  12. The devices can be configured by their name, IP or range of IPs to exclude them from asset scan. This will disable posting of asset data of these particular devices in the ServiceDesk Plus console. To remove or modify the changes, logon to the SDP console.

    Navigate to Admin -> Discovery -> Scan settings -> Exclude ip/device

    Remove the mentioned devices to enable posting of asset data in the SDP console.

  13. Check SDP license count.
  14. If asset license count has reached its limit, new assets will not be added in the SDP console.