Top reasons to purchase Endpoint Central

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Why opt for ManageEngine Endpoint Central?

With over 17 years of expertise in the IT management industry, ManageEngine Endpoint Central has understood the needs in the market, and developed the product to defend cyber-threats. Here are some reasons to understand why Endpoint Central is unique and on top of the endpoint management ladder.

  • Endpoint Central enables you to manage any device in your network from anywhere at any instant with the most minimalistic and handy UI.
  • Endpoint Central is compliant with major regulations like GDPR, PCI, CIS, ISO, VPAT, HIPAA and RBI compliance.
  • Network-neutral architecture enables administrators to manage endpoints across Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, endpoints in Demilitarized Zone, and even closed network environment. Endpoints in different network environments like Windows Active Directory, Windows Workgroups, or NetIQ eDirectory are also supported.
  • Endpoint Central enables complete device life cycle management and management of on-the-go devices. The overall view of the network endpoints is given in the product dashboard.
  • Provides complete end-to-end patching solution for Windows and other third party applications - from identifying network vulnerabilities to testing and approving missing patches. Endpoint Central can facilitate immediate patching or fully automating the patching process.
  • Over 50+ configurations and 200+ scripts across Windows, Mac and Linux are available for the end-user to proceed with efficient device management.
  • With 10000+ predefined templates available to deploy applications, software deployment is made simple with easily customization capabilities. The Self-Service Portal feature allows the end-user to choose to either install or uninstall the required application.
  • The network assets will be continuously monitored through the data obtained by inventory and file scan in Endpoint Central. The enterprise can also monitor the software usage in the network and block applications whose usage is prohibited in specific devices. The secure USB feature will allow one to keep a look on the portable storage devices.
  • To help the end-user and to resolve help-desk tickets which require technician support, one can use the in-built remote control tool. Loaded with functionalities like screen recording, voice and video call facilities, multi-technician support, and remote file transfer. Endpoint Central paves a way for remote troubleshooting and seamless management.
  • Endpoint Central can be integrated with prominent help-desk products like ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceDesk Plus Cloud, Jira, Zendesk, ServiceNow and Spiceworks to make the IT admin have transparent view of data across products. Other integration like Asset Explorer, Analytics Plus and Browser Security Plus is also supported by Endpoint Central.
  • Endpoint Central can image and deploy OS for a new machine through the OS deployment feature. In the current trend, enterprises are looking for standalone OS deployment products to help in the Windows 7 to Windows 10, 11 migration process. Customized deployment templates, hardware independent templates, and flexible boot options enable convenient OS deployment in enterprises.
  • Endpoint Central supports modern management for Windows 11, 10 and Mac devices.
  • Endpoint Central's Mobile Device Management feature automates bulk enrollment and authentication of BYOD and corporate devices, controls OS updates, troubleshoots remote mobile devices and much more.
  • Create your own enterprise app repository containing only IT- approved, in-house or commercial apps. Silently install, update and remove corporate apps from devices while also managing app licenses and pre-configuring app permissions using Endpoint Central.
  • Endpoint Central offers mobile security management that enables configuration and enforcement of corporate security policies, including prevention of unauthorized access to corporate email, secure distribution, saving and viewing of content.
  • Endpoint Central has over 100+ out-of-the-box reports which will provide detailed insights on the actions performed in the endpoints. Custom reports can also be generated according to one's needs and preferences.
  • Protect your endpoints and critical data with our comprehensive features, including regular vulnerability scans, browser security measures, application controls and Bitlocker encryption for sensitive data.
  • Mitigate cyber attacks by monitoring and controlling file transfer and peripheral devices with our curated device control features. Safeguard sensitive information with advanced data loss prevention strategies and protect against ransomware attacks with our endpoint security features.
  • An IT admin with the Endpoint Central mobile app can manage all the endpoints from across the globe. One can deploy critical patches, obtain complete hardware and software reports and even take remote control of the endpoints in the network. Zia, the virtual assistant in Endpoint Central can carry out all your tasks through voice recognition.
  • Additional offerings like secure gateway service, fail over service and multi-language support ensure efficient endpoint management of the network.

A quick summary:

ManageEngine Endpoint Central manages over 20 million endpoints with a happy customer base of 25,000+ organizations. We have over 85% of customers who renew the product annually. This is the number of satisfied customers who continue to trust ManageEngine's credibility and Endpoint Central's capabilities. With a complete endpoint management and security solution in place, rest assured that the Endpoint Central will watch over all the endpoints in the Enterprise.