Free Exchange Health Monitor — Features

Supported Versions: Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003

ManageEngine Health Monitor helps administrators monitor the following parameters:

  • Server Health Details - Get to know the Exchange server version, Host Server OS, disk read/write & utilization details of CPU, disk and memory
  • Exchange Services — Keep a tab on the status of all Windows services related to your Exchange Server
  • Memory Details — Monitor the important memory parameters such as pages/sec, pages input/sec and more
  • Client Access Server Details - Monitor the OWA/Average response time and OWA/Average search time
  • Transport Details — Keep a tab on the various transport queues such as active mail box delivery queue, retry mailbox delivery queue, active remote delivery queue and more
  • Active Sync Counters - Get key insights on mobile requests to your Exchange Server with the Active Sync counters viz., current  requests, attachments fetched and more
  • Delivery Details -  Monitor the delivery details with counters for received messages, failed deliveries, DNS errors, protocol errors and more

MS Exchange Server Performance Monitoring

Optimal performance of the host server is critical for your Exchange performance. Exchange Health Monitor shows the application details and the resource utilization details for the host server:

  • Version Details — Find the versions of your Host Server OS and Exchange Server
  • Resource Utilization Details —  Maintain the CPU, memory and disk space utilization at optimum levels.Configure the thresholds for these parameters and get a visual representation of real-time utilization details in pie-charts. Color codes help identify whether the specific parameter is within the configured threshold.
  • Disk Read/Write Rate -  Keep a tab on the read and write operations of your disk. Exchange Health Monitor fetches the disk read/write rates in real-time

MS Exchange Services Monitoring

Ensure high availability by keeping a tab on all the Windows Services related to your Exchange Server. Exchange Health Monitor enables real-time monitoring of the following Exchange Services:

  • MSExchangeADTopology
  • MS Exchange Mailbox Transport Delivery Service
  • MS Exchange IMAP4
  • MSExchangeIS
  • MSExchangeMailboxAssistants
  • MSExchangeMailboxReplication
  • MSExchangeServiceHost
  • MSExchangeMonitoring
  • MSExchangePOP3
  • MSExchangeRPC
  • MSExchangeTransport
  • WSBExchange
  • MSExchangeUM

Exchange Server Memory Monitoring

Get key insights on the memory consumption of your Exchange Server. Exchange Health Monitor helps monitor the critical memory parameters listed below:

  • Transition Pages Repurposed/sec
  • Page Reads/sec
  • Pages/sec
  • Pages input/sec
  • Pages Output/sec

Exchange Client Access Server Details

Troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Server latency/connection issues while accessing Outlook on the web.  Exchange Health Monitor helps monitor the important counters for Client Access Server such as:

  • MSExchange OWA\Average Response Time
  • MSExchange OWA\Average Search Time

Transport Queue Monitoring

Exchange Health Monitor gives instant information about the various queues that requires the   attention of Exchange Administrator. Here is a list of various queues that are fetched by the tool:

  • Active Mailbox Delivery Queue
  • Retry Mailbox Delivery Queue
  • Active Remote Delivery Queue
  • Retry Remote Delivery Queue
  • Aggregate Queue Length
  • Submission Queue Length
  • Active Non-Smtp Delivery Queue Length
  • Retry non-smtp Delivery Queue Length
  • Unreachable Queue Length
  • Largest Delivery Queue Length
  • Total Messages Submitted
  • Poison Queue Length

Exchange Active Sync Performance Counters

Monitoring Exchange Active Sync (EAS) is important for organizations with extensive mobile device deployment. Here is a list of EAS performance counters that are fetched by Exchange Health Monitor:

  • Average Request Time
  • Current Requests
  • Mailbox Attachment Fetch Total
  • Total Requests
  • Total Searches
  • Settings Total
  • Smart Reply Total
  • Smart Forward Total
  • Send Mail Total
  • Sync Total

Delivery Details

Get key insights on  important metrics, connection errors and more. Here is a gist of delivery parameters that are fetched by Exchange Health Monitor:

  • Monitor various metrics pertaining to delivery such as total bytes received, total messages received and total recipients accepted
  • Keep a tab on the Exchange connections issues. Exchange Health Monitor provides you with counters for connection failures, DNS errors, protocol errors, socket errors and failed deliveries.
  • Get to know the counts for inbound delivery calls and success delivery of your Exchange Server

Exchange Performance Reports

  • Generate real-time performance reports for all the monitored parameters in PDF format
  • Update your SMPTP settings and Email the performance report to stake holders from the tool

Retain Settings

Exchange Health Monitor retains all the details entered in settings page for subsequent monitoring. Hence administrator need not reenter username password, domain, refresh interval and threshold values while restarting the tool.


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