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ADSelfService Plus helps Bulkmatic de México reduce support calls and increase the productivity of their technical support agents

About Bulkmatic de México

Bulkmatic is a US-based dry bulk transport company founded in the 1970s. Bulkmatic de México, its subsidiary, started transporting products between Mexico and the US in 1996. It's now one of the leading bulk logistics solutions for transporting various food commodities, plastics products, and dry chemicals in Mexico. It has an extensive network of transloading facilities and warehouses throughout Mexico, including ten transfer terminals to provide services such as transferring goods, storing on tracks, storing in warehouses, bagging, packing, washing silos, and cross-docking.

The Challenge: Huge Volume of Password-related Support Calls

With its extensive network of facilities, Bulkmatic de México has employees working all over the country. The company's technical support agents have their hands full making sure employees have access to resources at all times, and that everything is working in proper order. However, as is human nature, the employees of Bulkmatic de México forget their password frequently, rendering them unable to do their work and requiring them to call the help desk to reset their password. With the influx of password reset tickets, the technical support agents were unable to work on other critical tasks.


Bulkmatic de México


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Ricardo Mendez, IT leader at Bulkmatic de México, said,

"We have two main challenges: The first is to receive fewer support calls to our help desk and the second challenge is to increase the productivity of our technical support agents by letting them focus on things with more value for the company."

The Solution: ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

When Mendez decided to take on these challenges and look for a solution, his primary choice was ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus. When asked what made him choose ADSelfService Plus over other solutions, Mendez said, "We did not consider other solutions. We only considered ADSelfService Plus because of ManageEngine's reputation." As soon as deployment began, it was clear to Mendez that he had made the right choice. He added, "The deployment process is very simple in all stages, similar to a plug and play solution. The ADSelfService Plus support team helped us and they are very good."

Results: A More Productive Help Desk and Happier Employees

ADSelfService Plus’ self-service password management feature allows Bulkmatic de México's end users to reset their domain passwords and unlock their accounts on their own. The process is straightforward, similar to resetting passwords for online applications. Users are required to prove their identity through authentication methods such as SMS/email-based one-time passwords, Duo Security, Google Authenticator, and security questions and answers. Once their identities are successfully verified, they're allowed to reset their Active Directory (AD) password. ADSelfService Plus also allows users to reset their password from the logon screen of Windows and Mac machines, and from mobile devices via native apps.

In addition to resetting their passwords, employees can use ADSelfService Plus to self-update basic profile details in AD, including their mobile number, address, and photo. As a result, help desk calls reduced drastically at Bulkmatic de México.

Mendez said, "After deploying ADSelfService Plus, our technical support agents have more free time to focus on other important tasks. Our end users are also happy because they have a solution to auto-support them for basic things."

About ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus is an integrated Active Directory self-service password management and single sign-on solution. It offers password self-service, password expiration reminders, a self-service directory updater, a multiplatform password synchronizer, and single sign-on for cloud applications. Use the ADSelfService Plus Android and iPhone mobile apps to facilitate self-service for end users anywhere at any time. ADSelfService Plus supports the IT help desk by reducing password reset tickets and spares end users the frustration caused by computer downtime. For more information, please visit

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