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Navigating the evolving
threat landscape:
Strategies for MSSPs

About the speakers:

Sujith Immanuel Pellican

Head, IT security

Sujith Immanuel Pellican is a senior evangelist at ManageEngine. He brings more than 10 years of experience in Active Directory and cybersecurity. He enjoys speaking with network administrators, MSSPs, and SIs, understanding their environments and delivering tailor-made solutions for cybersecurity.

Sujith follows the evolution of threat models closely, implementing end-to-end security solutions while integrating AI and ML into custom cybersecurity offerings.

About the webinar

A key challenge faced by MSSPs is the need to constantly customize services based on the evolving threat landscape and changing requirements of their clients. Additionally, it's a challenge to identify and choose the right security tool that can provide comprehensive visibility into their clients' networks while remaining user-friendly and cost-effective.

In this webinar, we'll discuss some of the strategies that MSSPs can adopt to proactively address cyberthreats and tailor their services to meet the security requirements of their clients.


  • 05 minutes Introduction

  • 10 minutes Key cybersecurity challenges that MSSPs face.

  • 10 minutes Strategies that MSSPs can adopt to defend against cyberthreats.

  • 10 minutes Introducing Log360 MSSP, the unified SIEM from ManageEngine.

  • 05 minutes Key capabilities of Log360 MSSP that can help MSSPs

  • 05 minutes Q&A session


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