File Integrity Monitoring(FIM) solution

Do you want to track who does what to your files and when? In fact, with hackers arming themselves with sophisticated data-collecting malware, securing your file servers isn't an option anymore. Haven't figured out the solution yet? Fret not. All that you have to do is implement a File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) solution.

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What is a FIM solution?

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) solution, as the name suggests, closely monitors sensitive files (configuration & content files) and triggers an alert whenever it comes across unauthorized accesses, copies, downloads, and modifications.

Why implement a FIM solution?

All it takes is a malicious insider or a disgruntled employee to access a sensitive file and sabotage confidential information. Are you aware that such an action can lead to violation of compliance laws? Most compliance regulations impose stiff penalties on organizations for non-compliance. Compliance complacency is no more the norm and countries/trade blocks have started to attach paramount importance to data privacy. The GDPR is in fact the brainchild of a drastic shift in how European nations perceive privacy. An FIM solution can ensure you stay ever-compliant.

Also, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is one of the core requirements of many industry regulatory mandates. For instance, PCI DSS regulation explicitly states:

Deploy file-integrity monitoring software to alert personnel to unauthorized modification of critical system files, configuration files, or content files, and configure the software to perform critical file comparisons at least weekly.

About ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

ManageEngine's DataSecurity Plus is a risk assessment and auditing solution for Windows file servers. Its extensive feature set gives you an eagle's eye view of everything that's happening in your file servers, lets you stay on top of security threats, and helps you ensure compliance with myriad regulations. Its file integrity monitoring feature lets you thwart any insider or external threat to information stored in your file servers. Furthermore, it also helps generate actionable reports, delivers severity-based alerts, streamlines adherence to compliance requirements, spots indicators of compromise, and in short, strengthens your organization's security.

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