DataSecurity Plus Terminologies

Terminologies Used in DataSecurity Plus

DataSecurity Plus follows terminologies specific to the product. We have defined some of the commonly used terminologies in this page for easy understanding of the Product.

The Generally used Terminologies in DataSecurity Plus Include

  1. Report Profile

  2. Alert

  3. Activity

  4. Audit Actions

Report Profile

Methodology to filter the necessary events from Event data, and associate them to File Server actions like file delete, modify, create, permissions etc.,


An alarm on the high priority event when it happens. Alerts can be scheduled and automatically delivered via. email.


Any action that is performed in a file server like, creating a file, deleting a file, adding file view permissions to a user etc.,

Audit Actions

Actions like file read, file delete... file permissions which are performed in the audit enabled file servers will be monitored in real-time for changes by the installed agents.

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