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System requirements

Below are the required hardware and software specifications for the smooth functioning of DataSecurity Plus.

Hardware requirements

Basic requirements

Component Minimum Recommended
Processor 2.4GHz 3GHz
Core 6 8 or more
Disk space 200GB* 1TB*
Network speed 100Mbps 1Gbps

*Some variations can be expected in these values depending on the environment and event details.

Advanced requirements

The above recommended basic requirements might need to be supplemented with additional resources in some cases. Some of these are described below.

Case Additional requirement
If you have a high event inflow from your file storage systems or your endpoints, you might need additional disk space. Disk space: To store reports and alerts for 1 million file events, you will need around 1.5GB of disk space and around 20MB of archive space.
If you have a huge number or volume of files and folders in disks in which you want to analyze file metadata and assess security permissions, you might need additional disk space. Disk space: As a general rule of thumb, allot around 2.5GB of disk space for every 10 million files or folders.
If you have configured data discovery and sensitive data reporting functions, in addition to the recommended basic requirements, you will need to add:
  • Core: Two or more depending on the desired scan speed.
  • Disk space: Disk space requirements vary depending on the volume of files to be scanned and the number of rule-match content instances. Generally, 1 million files with 10 rule matches per file will take up 400MB of disk space. In terms of rule matches alone, 3 million matches take up around 100MB and 1 million incidents take up around 60MB of disk space.

Note: Some variation can be expected in these values, depending on the environment and event details.

Software requirements

Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (recommended), and Microsoft Edge.

Operating system: Windows 7 and above; Windows Server 2008 R2 and above.

Preferred screen resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels or higher

Best practice: We recommend that you have a dedicated computer for installing
DataSecurity Plus.

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