Manage Agent

  1. Once server has been configured> click "Manage Agent".


In case of a glitch, the notification will prompt as to what has to be done.

The possible scenarios are:

  1. Agent not installed/running

    • If auto installation fails, check if the user has appropriate permissions. Also check if the servers are able to communicate with each other.

    • If error persists, download the agent and install it manually.

  2. Driver service not installed/running

    • In case of an issue with the driver service, contact DataSecurity Plus Support for assistance.

  3. RPC communication failure

    • RPC Communication fails when the agent is unable to contact the server. So in the event of failure, check if the agent is able to successfully "ping" the server.

  4. HTTP communication failure

    • If HTTP Communication fails, check if the required port is available for use.