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Effortlessly manage traditional and emerging endpoints across your multi-client IT infrastructure. Designed for MSPs of all sizes, the software features AI-powered automation and intelligent monitoring to keep you ahead of the curve.


Automation-first approach

Save time and resources with Endpoint Central MSP's automation-first mindset. From routine tasks to complex workflows, automate processes effortlessly.


Single-agent unification

With Endpoint Central MSP, manage all your RMM needs through a single agent. Initiate features and actions from one console, ensuring seamless integration and streamlined IT management.


Homegrown technology

Benefit from our in-house technology, developed with over 20 years of experience in the enterprise market. Tailored for MSPs, Endpoint Central MSP ensures top-performance delivery to meet your needs.


Transparent pricing

Enjoy transparent, straightforward pricing with no hidden fees. Endpoint Central MSP offers sensible pricing plans to fit your budget, allowing you to scale your business without surprises.


Dedicated assistance

Your success is our priority. Benefit from top-notch customer support, from client onboarding to ongoing assistance and beyond, with our dedicated team always ready to help.


Tailored insights

Gain actionable insights into your MSP performance. Endpoint Central MSP provides customizable reporting and analytics tools, allowing you to track key performance indicators and make informed decisions.

MSPs share their Endpoint Central MSP journey


"Endpoint Central MSP is a very stable product and works well for MSPs. For a service provider using this solution, onboarding and setting up client networks and endpoints becomes very easy."

-Jurgen Barbieur

Senior Consultant, Auxility


"twoday RelateIT eliminates endpoint management complexities, secures and manages customer’s IT network"


Endpoint Central MSP simplifies Auxility's patch management of its clients' IT networks

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Take a closer look at our feature set

Patch management

Automate patch deployment across over 1,000 third-party and OS patches. Test, rollback, and monitor system health effortlessly.

Remote access

Securely access endpoints with single-click remote access. Resolve issues efficiently with video/audio call support, file transfers, and session recording.

Asset monitoring and intelligent alerts

Proactively monitor device health, performance, and software metrics. Receive real-time alerts to minimize downtime and optimize operations.

Application management

Deploy applications effortlessly with 10,000+ templates and automated updates. Track usage, empower users with self-service, and curate an app catalog.

Server management

Monitor server performance, deploy updates, and perform maintenance tasks centrally. Gain real-time insights and proactively address issues for uninterrupted operations.

Reporting and analytics

Generate customized reports and analytics dashboards to track key performance metrics, identify trends, and make informed business decisions.

Mobile app

Stay connected and manage endpoints remotely with our mobile app. Monitor statuses, receive alerts, and perform tasks on the go.

Automated operations

Optimize efficiency with automated endpoint management and standardized processes. Free up technicians for strategic initiatives and boost productivity.

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