Endpoint Central MSP Cloud - Edition Comparison Matrix

The Cloud version of Endpoint Central MSP is available in three edition - Free, Professional and Enterprise. The table below provides a comparison of features available in the different editions.

Features Free Edition
(Up to 25 endpoints)
Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Patch Management
Automated Patch Management
Patch management for third-party applications
Service pack deployment
Patch management for Windows drivers and BIOS
Patch management for server applications
Antivirus definition updates
Test and Approve Patches
Software Deployment
Install free and commercial software * * *
Uninstall free and commercial software * * *
Self service portal * *
10000+ Pre-defined Templates * * *
Automatically update software templates * * *
Modern Management
Complete Wipe
Geo Tracking
Geo Fencing
Remote Control
HIPAA and PCI compliant Remote Control
Integrated file sharing tool
Built-in communication channels ** **
Record remote sessions
Collaborative troubleshooting
Shadow users
Blacken end user's monitor
Multi-monitor support
Audit session details
Asset Management
Hardware and Software Tracking
Detect and automatically uninstall blacklisted software
Block Executable
Software Metering
Software License Management
USB Device Management
Power Management
Custom Scripts
Certificate Distribution
Manage files, folders, users, and groups
Permission Management
Printer Management
1000+ Predefined templates
Remote Workforce Management ## ##
Roaming user management
Multi-Technician Support
Role Based Administration
Two-factor Authentication
Active Directory Authentication
Distribution Server for Bandwidth Optimization
Audit-ready reports # # #
Mobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management
Multi-language pack

✔* - Not supported for Linux OS versions
✔** - Only text-based chat is available; voice and video call are not available
✔# - Query reports and AD reports are not available

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