Why should I exclude Device Control Plus folders from anti-virus scanning?

Device Control Plus server performs various taks from installing agents on the client computers, monitoring and controlling the external devices. The anti-virus that you have installed in your network would hinder the functioning of the Device Control Plus server and agent components. This could result in various failures during agent installation or while deploying policies or during policy enforcement. So, it is always recommended to exclude all the folders related to Device Control Plus on the server (only for DCP on-premise) and agent computers. 


How do I exclude the folders from anti-virus scan?

You will have to exlcude the below listed files from anti-virus scan: 

The following files located under <installation drive >\Program Files\DeviceControlplus_Agent\bin directory:

On the computer where Device Control Plus is installed, you should add notificationserver.exe to the exceptions list

  • Here is an sample document, to know more excluding folders from Symantec End Point, you can refer this for more details: How to add an exception to SEP?

    Note: Excluding the specific .exe files is more complex because it keeps changing over a period of time. So folders can also be added to the exclusion list, so that the specified folders are not scanned. In such cases, ensure that you need to exclude the following folders respectively.

    • Agent computers - DeviceControlrplus_Agent
    • Device Control Plus Server - DeviceControlplus_Server (Only for DCP On-premise)