Editions Comparison
License componentsEssentialProfessional
Starting Price$1999*$3999*
No. of DNS Clusters**
Maximum limit: 
Manage upto 3 DNS servers

Maximum limit: 
Manage upto 6 DNS servers
No. of DHCP Clusters**
Maximum limit: 
Manage upto 2 DHCP servers

Maximum limit: 
Manage upto 4 DHCP servers
No. of Users**12
No. of Zones**515
No. of Subnets**515

* - The quoted prices are for Perpetual License. 
** - License components can be purchased as add-ons based on the operational size and scale of a network infrastructure. Visit the ManageEngine Store to learn more on the pricing of DDI plans, license components and add-ons.

DNS Server Configuration
Authoritative DNS
Secondary DNS
Recursive DNS
Forward and Reverse DNS
Dynamic DNS(DDNS) with TSIG support
DNS Blocking
DNS Firewall (DFW)(RPZ)
DNS Scavenging
DNS Views
DNS Zone editor
Zone configuration scheduling
DNS records BIND Import and Export
Zone AXFR Transfers
Third party zone migrations
DNS query and response analytics
Response Rate limiting (RRL)
DNSSEC Signing and Validation
DNS Caching
User audit logs
DNS ACL Clause
DNS Server Stats
Zone reports
DHCP Scope Manager
Scope configuration scheduling
Static subnets
DHCP scope tree view
DHCP Scope Monitoring
Automated IP Lease Management
DHCP Failover
DHCP Fingerprinting
DHCP Options
Custom DHCP options
Host and Host groups(Fixed addresses and ranges)
VLAN Management
DHCP scope audit logs
DHCP Server stats
Templates for PXE boot configuration
Subnet reports
DHCP scope utilization stats
Rogue detection: DHCP
Identity mapping
Dynamic DHCP and static lease management
Lease deletion
Lease history view
IP DNS mapping
IPAM utilization stats
VLAN IP space visualization
IP address usage and reservations visualization
IPv4 and IPv6 support
Role based administration
Contact groups