Free Endpoint Management Tools for IT Administrators

Being an IT Admin is a tough job which needs you to be on alert 24/7. With our free tools, you can make your day to day endpoint management activities easy and simple. Monitor your computers remotely, manage software and system inventory, and much more with these tools.

Free Windows Admin Tools

Free Windows Admin Tools

This suite of tools has been developed keeping the primary responsibilities of an IT Admin in mind. With this tool, you will be able to manage all the computers in your network and perform routine administration tasks with ease. With our simple, intuitive and easy to use application you can monitor and troubleshoot computers remotely, from a single console and make IT Administration a breeze!Download Now

You can accomplish the following using this tool

Software & system inventory

Fetch details about software & hardware components, services, users, groups, network shares and startup items.

Remote desktop management

Remotely connect, shutdown & restart computers, wake computers on LAN, access remote command prompt, and more.

Join/unjoin computers

Move a computer from one domain/workgroup to another domain/workgroup and vice versa.

Other useful tools

Hard disk space detector, GPO updater, laptop battery power monitor and network share browser.

Free System Tools

Free System Tools

High priority issues have to be addressed instantly even if technicians are away from their desk. Therefore, IT admins like you will be in need of a system tool for configuring, monitoring, troubleshooting, and resolving tasks even if you are being mobile and that's why we've developed a free Android app called System Tools to help you manage systems even when you are far from your desk.Download Now

Here's how the app can aid you in managing computers even when you're away from your desk

System inventory

Get details about your network devices like system name, computer manufacturer, operating system, processor and more.

Software inventory

Monitor software in your network with in-depth details like software name, version, manufacturer, and installation date.

Uninstall software

Uninstall software from any computer in your network, with just a tap on your phone.

Manage tasks remotely

Gain visibility over tasks running on any computer in your network and start/stop these tasks remotely and instantly using System Tools.