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    Identify data across all endpoints.

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    Categorize various types of sensitive data.

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    Control data transfer methods.

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    Stop insider threat and data leaks.

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    Respond instantly to alerts.

Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution: Protecting what matters.

ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus is a dedicated endpoint DLP solution designed to protect sensitive data on managed endpoint devices from data disclosure and theft by leveraging advanced data loss prevention strategies, which include detecting and classifying data as well as defining rules for authorized usage and secure transmission.


ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus - Endpoint DLP software rules engine

Use predefined templates or create custom ones to discover all sensitive data.


ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus - Endpoint DLP software configurations

With our granular settings, define exact protocols for data access and transfer.


ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus - Endpoint DLP software ongoing remediation

Schedule reports, receive alerts, and get instant remediation options for false positives.

  • 70% of organizations say they are worried about data breaches. Implement ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus and quickly mitigate all your endpoint data security concerns!
  • $2.64 million is the average total cost of a breach at an organization with under 500 employees. Endpoint DLP Plus is an ideal DLP solution for SMB's and enterprises!
  • 34% of businesses, each year, worldwide are affected by insider threats. Safeguard your endpoints and limit insider movement with our robust DLP tool, ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus!


Advantages of our dedicated Endpoint DLP software for enhanced data protection:

Advanced data discovery

Gain organization-wide data visibility.

Automate in-depth content inspection to pinpoint the locations of all structured and unstructured sensitive data including intellectual property and PII such as health records and financial accounts.

Robust data classification

Keep all digital assets in check.

Consolidate and categorize sensitive data using our DLP software's numerous predefined templates or custom mechanisms such as keyword search, fingerprinting, document matching, and RegEx pattern.

Proactive mitigation of insider threats

Launch continuous surveillance for suspicious events.

Closely monitor specific user actions to preemptively identify means for data disclosure and immediately stop any attempts at data theft.

Swift remediation of false positives

Strike a balance between productivity and security.

When receiving requests to modify any endpoint data loss prevention policy, review users’ reasons and take quick action by permitting an override or following easy steps to alter an existing rule.

Optimal cloud upload protection

Intercept hijacking attempts and unintentional data leakage.

Monitor browsers and third-party cloud services usage within your network in order to only allow authorized file transfers or uploading of mission-critical information.

Secure email collaboration

Ensure data exchange occurs only via trusted domains.

Prevent data leakage or espionage by monitoring and controlling sensitive email attachments being sent via enterprise and Outlook email addresses.

Efficient data containerization

Confine the circulation of sensitive data to trusted apps.

Designate select applications as trusted so that all sensitive data emerging from these apps are automatically labeled as sensitive and will be prevented from being transferred to unverified apps.

Stringent device control

Minimize device-related threat vectors.

Restrict USB and auxiliary devices from viewing or copying sensitive data however for user convenience, permit relevant documents to be printed if impressed with a watermark.

Intuitive reports and instant alerts

Remain aware of all data trends and security events.

Leverage extensive audit data to gain actionable insights conducive to increasing the efficacy of DLP policies and enhancing the overall cyber hygiene of endpoints.

How ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus extends beyond the scope of conventional DLP solutions

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