Mail Configuration

Mail Configuration

ManageEngine Analytics Plus offers a way to manage the mail configuration for the emails triggered when a certain action is performed. You can send emails either from your email address or from one of the organization emails added.

Email Deliverability Configuration

This feature offers a way to mark the emails sent from Analytics Plus are valid emails and make sure that they are not sent to spam. Follow the steps to configure Analytics Plus as a valid email source.

  • Navigate to the Settings page > Email tab, and click Add Domain.

  • In the dialog that appears, provide the domain name, and click Add.

  • Click the Get Code link and copy the generated SPF and DKIM values.

  • Add the SPF and DKIM values in your DNS settings. Click here to learn more on configuring the DNS settings.
  • Return to your Analytics Plus console and click the Validate button to verify your domain and start sending emails using Analytics Plus without ending up in the spam folder.

Organization Email Address

Analytics Plus allows you to send emails from a common email address apart from using the primary email address of your Analytics Plus account. You can also add multiple organization email addresses. Please note that the organization email address can be used only for emailing reports.

Follow the steps below to send emails from a common email address.

  • Navigate to the Settings page > Email > Organization Email, and click Add New Email Address.

  • Provide the organization email address and display name in corresponding textboxes.
  • Choose one of the following visibility, and click Add.
    • All the workspaces in the organization: This option allows you to add the email address to all the workspaces including the workspaces created later.
    • Only selected workspaces: This option adds the email address to the selected workspaces.

  • Click the Click to confirm link to corresponding to the email address to verify the newly added email address.

  • Enter the verification code sent to the email address, and click Confirm.

  • Once verified successfully, you can start sending email using the configured email address.

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