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What is a cloud-native SIEM solution, and how can it benefit your business?

A cloud-native solution takes advantage of the cloud computing model to build scalable, flexible, resilient solutions that can meet customers' demands without any loss of time. The architecture of these solutions is such that the applications run in the cloud itself, as provided by the vendor. Log360 Cloud is ManageEngine's cloud-native SIEM solution hosted in Zoho Cloud.

Here's how Log360 Cloud fulfills the three main characteristics of a cloud-native solution.

  • Scalability
  • Elasticity
  • Resilience


Scalability is the ability to expand storage and computing space as necessary.

SIEM solutions require plenty of computing space to operate effectively and plenty of storage space to accommodate the growing log data. For on-premises solutions, both of these requirements should be carefully considered beforehand. However, a cloud-native solution lets you scale up without much planning. Whether you are dealing with a temporary need to scale up or a permanent expansion of your network, a cloud-native solution caters to your requirements flexibly.

Log360 Cloud's built-in storage estimator lets you precalculate the amount of storage space you will need. With our flexible pricing plans, you can select a plan that matches your logging and security requirements.


Elasticity is the ability to put computing resources to efficient use by matching the capacity with the requirements without losing much time.

Cloud-native solutions are capable of dynamically allocating and managing storage spaces when the requirements call for it. This is especially useful when you decide to cut down or increase the capacity during a holiday season or to tackle a heavy workload. There is no time wasted on waiting for a storage device to arrive and then be configured. Cloud storage spaces can be expanded or shrunk within minutes at the click of a button!

Log360 Cloud ensures the efficient use of your storage space with log archiving. With periodic archiving, Log360 Cloud compresses and moves older log data to cold storage. This data can be easily retrieved as necessary. Log360 Cloud also lets you check the use of storage space within the product and notifies you when your storage space consumption hits a threshold. This allows you to upgrade your plans without any loss of log data or time.


Resilience is the ability to adapt dynamically to changing conditions and ensure quick recovery from any disruptions.

A big advantage of cloud-native solutions is that they are hosted in the service provider's network. This means that they are impervious to any disruptions due to network maintenance or other security operations that are happening in your network. The cloud service provider is responsible for providing you with secure, seamless access to your log data at all times.

Log360 Cloud lets you access data from anywhere, unaffected by any changes in your network. We ensure that your log data is hosted in a data center at the location of your choice and that you have seamless access to the data at all times.

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What is in Log360 Cloud, ManageEngine's cloud-native SIEM solution?

Alerts about suspicious activity

Log360 Cloud lets you set up priority-based alerts for security events customized to your environment so you can address potential threats as soon as possible.

Threat intelligence and advanced threat analytics

Get notified whenever a malicious source interacts with your IT environment. Log360 Cloud comes with a fully configured threat intelligence module that automatically updates threat data from trusted open-source and commercial threat feeds.

Security auditing across your network

Get visibility across your network events. Generate out-of-the-box security reports with details on who did what, when, and where. Schedule report delivery to your inbox.

Built-in incident management

Assign incidents to technicians and track their statuses. Log360 Cloud also supports forwarding incidents to third-party ticketing tools such as ServiceDesk Plus, Zendesk, and Kayako.

Forensic analysis in the cloud

Aggregate logs from critical devices and securely store them in our cloud platform. Log360 Cloud facilitates high-speed searches using SQL-based queries and lets you save searches.

AWS logging and monitoring

Monitor your AWS cloud environment. Log360 Cloud supports agentless log collection for AWS CloudTrail logs, Amazon S3 logs, and AWS Elastic Load Balancing access logs.

Compliance with regulatory mandates

Meet the requirements of regulatory mandates, such as the PCI DSS, FISMA, the GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and ISO/IEC 27001, using audit-ready report templates.

Rule-based attack detection

Build rule-based alerts for known attacks, indicators of compromise, and more with Log360 Cloud's correlation module.

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