Efficient Windows disk space analyzer


    Monitor disk usage

    Gain quick insight into enterprise storage with details on file types, file size, and more.


    Locate junk files

    Configure policy-based management of redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data.


    Track storage growth

    Analyze trends in enterprise storage growth to ensure continuous storage availability.

Monitor storage use across your enterprise with a disk usage analyzer

Oversee disk usage with detailed reports

  • Analyze usage statistics

    View graphical insights on the total number and size of files in your Windows file servers, the storage density, and used disk space.

  • Find large files

    List files in order of their size, with associated details such as their location, when they were created, last accessed, and more.

  • Monitor file quota use

    Identify employees whose files take up the most space, and analyze whether they are within their storage quotas.


Optimize Windows file storage easily

  • Manage duplicate files

    Detect duplicate files in your file servers, and delete them within the report, thereby eliminating storage redundancy.

  • Ensure storage availability

    Monitor total and available storage in disks, and trigger instant alerts when free space falls below a predetermined critical level.

  • Track storage growth patterns

    Track the yearly growth of your organization's file storage with useful breakdowns of the stale, non-business, and duplicate files created every year.

All the information you need to streamline Windows file storage

Monitor disk usage by employees, track storage growth, remove duplicate files, and more with ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus.

  • Monitor file storageConsolidate your sensitive data
  • Optimize disk space usagePerform a PII health check up
  • Ensure disk space availabilityCategorize sensitive data
  • Receive detailed reportsCategorize sensitive data
Know what you store

Receive graphical information on your enterprise file storage, with details on the type and size of files stored.

Gain deeper insights

View insights on the available storage in your file servers, and also generate reports to see which files are taking up the most space.

Monitor file storage
Track yearly growth patterns

View the counts of stale, duplicate, and non-business files created every year, and verify whether storage policies are adhered to.

Detect junk files

Identify redundant, stale, and non-business files; analyze their business importance; and manage them accordingly.

Optimize disk space usage
Alerts for critical disk space

Trigger alerts when available disk space falls below a critical level, enabling admins to know when and where to free up storage.

Ensure disk space availability
Summarize your storage

View the number and size of files in every file type and category, and drill down further to see which employees have high disk usage.

Find large files

Receive reports on the largest files in your environment, along with details like their size, location, and more.

Receive detailed reports

An all-in-one solution packed with powerful features



    Discover personal data

    Locate risky content such as PII/ePHI and maintain an inventory of the personal data you store.

    Learn More


    Classify sensitive files

    Leverage automatic and manual classification capabilities to sort risky files with sensitive data.

    Learn More

    Enable content-aware protection

    Scan for business-sensitive content and protect it from leakage via USBs and Outlook email.



    Uncover ROT data

    Find duplicate and non-business files; set up policies to manage outdated and trivial data; and more.

    Learn More


    Analyze security permissions

    Identify overexposed files and broken inheritances; analyze file ownership and permissions; and more.

    Learn More


    Analyze file storage

    Gain insight into disk usage patterns by analyzing storage growth and alerting to low disk space.

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