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    USB disable and enable software

    Overcome the risk of data exposure by blocking and unblocking USB devices right from the product UI with ease.

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    USB port software

    Lockdown USB ports in response to sudden movement of sensitive personal data to external storage devices.

  • USB port security software

    Restrict unauthorized devices and prevent malware and other intrusions from infiltrating your network via USB sticks with the help of USB blocklisting capabilities.

  • Device access control measures

    Control various capabilities within USB sticks including denying read, writes, and execute access for advanced protection.

  • USB data theft protection

    Prevent the movement of business-critical data to external storage devices with the help of USB copy protection functionality.

  • Other power-packed features

    In addition to managing USB ports, monitor device usage and prevent data leakage via email (Outlook), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, printer, and more.

Enforce USB security and ensure its safe usage with the help of USB data theft protection software.