How to disable USB ports with DataSecurity Plus

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Blocking USB ports

Curbing the use of USB devices can help eliminate the risk of data exfiltration and data theft in your organization; however, this method of preventing data leaks is considered less effective because insiders may find other ways to retrieve data. To manage BYOD policies or the use of authorized storage devices, admins can leverage USB access control software.

However, as a failproof data leak prevention (DLP) measure for addressing a high-level security risk, you can disable USB ports completely to stop the use of unauthorized devices.

How to block USB ports

USB ports can be blocked easily and effectively using a DLP tool. Although blocking USB ports through Group Policy is viable, it may not be the most effective method to go about it. Group Policies are complex to set up and implement, especially if you need to disable USB ports for a select group of endpoints across organizational units.

However, with a DLP solution, you can create endpoint groups and apply the USB device policy you want to enforce.

disable usb ports alert profile
  1. Download and install  DataSecurity Plus.
  2. Select Endpoint DLP from the application drop-down and go to Configuration.
  3. Select the Removable Storage Alert Profile in the Alert Configuration sub-menu. Click the edit icon next to the Sensitive Data Leak Prevention - USB alert.
disable usb ports edit sensitive data leak prevention
  1. On the Edit Sensitive Data Leak Prevention - USB page, click the Response tab under Criteria.
  2. Select Block USB under Passive Responses. Check Enable block USB. By default, Block all external storage devices will be chosen.
Note: If you want to block USB devices in which users trigger any action, click Block only the source device.
  1. Click Save to apply the selection.

All USB ports will now be blocked using DataSecurity Plus' DLP USB tool.

USB port blocking is a rigid approach to control USB access. Dynamic DLP capabilities allow user access regulation and facilitate the use of authorized USBs. Learn how you can regulate user actions made in USB drives using ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus.


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