What makes you a target?

With money and data involved, the finance and banking sector is one of the most targeted institutions for cyberattacks. According to a recent report,* financial services firms were found to be 300 times more likely to be targeted by a cyberattack than other industries.

Many organizations now function with decentralized workspaces, resulting is an extended attack surface where nothing seems out of reach for cyberattackers. They're constantly finding ways to enter your network; introducing threats like malware or banker trojans; and orchestrating supply chain attacks, social engineering attacks, credential and identity thefts, data exfiltration and manipulation, cryptojacking, and more.

How Log360 can help thwart cyberthreats that target the finance and banking sector

By using Log360, a powerful security information and event management (SIEM) tool, you can gain critical insights into log data, receive alerts about suspicious activities, and detect and mitigate advanced persistent threats that could compromise your organization's network. Here are some use cases on how Log360 can strengthen your cybersecurity.

Detect data exfiltration attempts and protect financial data

Ransomware detection

Attackers often deliver malware that prevents users from accessing their systems or personal files and demands ransom payment in order to regain access. Ransomware attacks are known to target large organizations and government agencies, although the majority of data breaches occur in the financial services sector. Here's how Log360 helps prevent data breaches and protect sensitive data.

  • Use real-time security monitoring to track your VPN connections and look for suspicious remote logons.
  • Detect suspicious software and service installations in your network by utilizing the rule-based correlation engine.
  • Make use of automated incident workflows and the ticketing module to enable faster threat response and remediation.
Insider threat detection

Attacks involving malicious insiders take financial services the longest time to resolve. Malicious insiders may leverage their administrative privileges to access sensitive information and exfiltrate valuable data. Here's how Log360's user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) module helps you prevent data exfiltration attempts.

  • Spot signs of insider threats and account compromise by monitoring activities like unusual system accesses, unusual access times, unusual file accesses or modifications, excessive authentication failures, unusual software installations, and more.
  • Utilize machine learning to establish baselines for every user and entity and be alerted about unusual behavior that deviates from the norm.
  • Prioritize critical threats by leveraging risk scores for different threats based on the anomalies.
Protect identities from attackers

Attackers leverage a number of techniques to steal credentials. One technique that plagues financial organizations is the phishing attack—a simple email skillfully crafted to resemble a legitimate one can result in the end user clicking a fraudulent link and malicious actors collecting legitimate credentials. Attackers can then use these credentials to exploit further vulnerabilities, gain access to multiple systems, and more. Here's how Log360 helps you detect phishing attempts and protect user identities.

  • Manage users, user activities, groups, and identity and access management errors.
  • Monitor privileged accounts and their activities continuously to spot unusual security events, such as unauthorized logons, logon failures, and access attempts during non-working hours.
  • Curb password attacks, such as credential stuffing, brute-force attempts, and man-in-the-middle attacks, using Log360's instant threat detection capability called event log correlation.
Meet financial services compliance requirements

Log360's integrated compliance management, complete with prebuilt audit reports, ensures that you comply with regulations such as 23 NYCCR, PIPA, GLBA, PCI DSS, and SOX.

Secure your financial organization using Log360's advanced SIEM capabilities

Complete visibility:

Monitor all devices in your network, and collect logs from various sources including end-user devices, servers, network devices, firewalls, and antivirus and intrusion prevention systems.

Actionable intelligence:

Gain actionable insights into security events in real time to help uncover attacks, spot suspicious user behaviors, and curb potential threats.

Audit trail protection:

Protect the integrity of audit trail information against suspicious modifications.

PCI DSS compliance:

Meet PCI DSS compliance requirements with the help of Log360's secure log archival, forensic analysis, prebuilt reporting, file integrity monitoring, and more.

Sophisticated threat identification:

Utilize both signature-based attack detection, which helps you identify security threats based on known indicators of compromise, and anomaly-based intrusion detection, which can alert you to unknown, suspicious behavior.

Threat resolution:

Improve accurate and speedy threat resolution by automating your response to detected incidents using predefined workflows.

Holistic organization security:

Reduce cybersecurity risks and ensure continuous protection across all attack surfaces using Log360's analytics-driven security approach.

What else can you do with Log360?

End-to-end incident management Security orchestration, automation, and response
Threat intelligence Forensic analysis
Cloud security and monitoring Data security and file integrity monitoring

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