What makes you a target?

Attackers target government agencies for a number of reasons including financial gain, to obtain confidential information, their ideological beliefs, or even to influence elections. It's reported that government and federal agencies are second only to the healthcare sector in terms of data breaches. With ever-evolving cyberthreats, malicious insiders, and resource limitations, government agencies find it challenging to defend their networks and protect confidential data.

How Log360 can help battle against cyberthreats that target government and federal agencies

By using Log360, a powerful security event and information management tool, you can parse through increasing amounts of log data across disparate systems and cloud applications, gain complete visibility throughout your environment, and prioritize advanced persistent threats like ransomware and phishing. Here's how Log360 can help.

Fortify your boundaries with a strong security defense system

Public-facing devices and applications are often targeted by threat actors, and any existing vulnerabilities are exploited to establish a foothold in your organization's network.

Log360's threat intelligence module combined with the MITRE ATT&CK framework integration:

  • Monitors the logs of critical resources in real time to detect abnormal behavior that indicates attempted or successful exploitation.
  • Detects external threats with the constantly updated contextual threat feeds.
  • Provides insights into threat sources (malicious IPs, domains, and URLs) that are trying to establish connections to your network and recommends effective remediation actions.
  • Identifies critical security events that threaten to exploit your organization's vulnerabilities and resources such as SQL injection attack attempts, potential Remote Desktop Protocol exploits, remote code executions, and more.
  • Protects sensitive data from ransomware attacks by providing real-time alerts for ransomware-related security events.
Prevent intellectual property theft

Malicious insiders who steal confidential data for personal gain are much harder to detect. They can easily slip under the radar due to the typical trust placed in employees and their ability to hide their tracks by deleting audit logs in Active Directory (AD).

Log360's user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) solution:

  • Monitors the behavior of all users and systems in real time and looks for indicators of threats such as unusual system accesses, unusual access times, unusual file accesses or modifications, deletion of audit logs and more.
  • Implements a risk-scoring system based on the severity of threats, so you can prioritize investigation efficiently.
  • Categorizes security events based on time, count, and pattern anomalies.
  • Performs risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities regularly.
Adhere to compliance regulations

Log360's integrated compliance management complete with pre-built audit reports ensures that you meet government and federal compliance requirements such as FISMA, SANS, NIST, and more.

Secure your agency using Log360's capabilities


Real-time security monitoring and data collection from on-premises and the cloud.


Log analysis and forensic analysis.


Interactive dashboards, out-of-the-box reports, security events insights, and real-time alerts


Log correlation, machine learning, malicious sources blocklisting, and threat hunting.


Pre-built workflows and automated responses

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