Real-time security analytics

Monitor critical resources in your environment using Log360's
real-time security analytics


Detect and prevent cyberattacks in real time with Log360

It takes cybercriminals only minutes, sometimes even seconds, to exfiltrate sensitive data. However, IT teams may not be able to discover these breaches for weeks. Often, these breaches are identified by an external party or a customer, and by then it's too late.

With the proliferation of cyberexploits, the need for security analytics is at an all-time high. You can use Log360's security analytics capabilities to not only discover such threats in real time but also resolve them.


Monitor network activity

Interactive dashboards
Log360's interactive dashboards give you complete visibility into log data, network traffic, and security events. You can easily spot suspicious activities by analyzing logs that are displayed in the form of intuitive graphs and extensive reports.
Alert profiles
Log360's real-time alert system brings security events that occur across your network to your attention immediately. You can also create custom alert profiles and associate severity levels with them. Log360 also allows you to set compliance-specific alerts, helping you comply with regulatory mandates.
Readily available reports
Log360 comes bundled with over 1,000 pre-packaged report templates. You can generate custom reports based on the criteria set by you or use the predefined reports categorized based on device and alert type. Log360's intuitive reports simplify auditing and help you take timely actions to mitigate attacks. passwords that were changed or set in your AD environment. Log360 allows you to discover stale, outdated passwords efficiently, saving you a lot of time. You can also get a list of users whose passwords never expire.

Detect anomalies with ease

Advanced threat analytics
Log360's advanced threat analytics feature gives valuable insights into the severity of threats with reputation-based scoring. The built-in threat intelligence capabilities help you detect potentially malicious URLs, domains, and IP addresses intruding into your network. Log360 also helps you identify threats and attack types, making it easy to triage alerts.
Real-time event correlation
Log360 comes with a powerful correlation engine that correlates security events across your network for instant attack detection. You can utilize 30 readily available attack patterns or give the custom correlation builder a spin to create custom correlation rules, specify time frames, and use advanced filters for detecting attacks.
Log360's user entity and behavior analytics capabilities leverage machine learning to profile the behavior of users and systems in the network and form a security baseline. When a user performs any activity outside this baseline, Log360 deems it an anomaly and assigns a risk score based on the severity. You can easily detect security events like insider threats, data exfiltration attempts, and account compromises. single click. You can also find changes made to Group Policy settings by non-admin users.

Manage incidents in real time with automated incident

The time between the first detection of a threat and the start of the remediation process is all it takes for an organization to undergo an attack. Log360 comes with automated incident response that enables IT teams to link predefined or custom workflows to security alerts to automate standard incident response measures. The built-in ticketing console allows you to assign and track incidents or forward them to third-party help desk software

With all these security analytics capabilities, Log360 goes above and beyond to safeguard your IT environment from sophisticated cyberthreats. Try out these features for free with a 30-day trial of Log360.

Log360 integration with Endpoint Central

Threats often originate from endpoints, and in a matter of just a few seconds, bad actors could exfiltrate sensitive data. The Log360 integration with Endpoint Central uncovers all blind spots in a network, leading to quicker detection of security threats. To know more about the integration, click here.


why choose Log360 for AD audititng?


    Advanced threat analytics enables you to examine threats in-depth and gives your security team all the information they need to take preemptive action and defend against cyberattacks.


    The integrated compliance management module helps you comply with PCI DSS, GDPR, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA mandates.


    Real-time event correlation helps you define and identify attack patterns.


    The built-in threat detection module enables you to block malicious IP addresses.


    Advanced security monitoring helps protect endpoints from attacks.