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Drill down Mail Traffic Statistics with M365 Manager Plus

Did you know that you could track the top malware and spam recipients in your organization which is a sign for malicious activities?

M365 Manager Plus provides you the following reports which help you detect the top spam and malware recipients who needs attention to ensure a secure working environment.

  • Top Spam Recipients Report
  • Top Malware Recipients Report
  • Spam Traffic Summary

The Spam Detections Report and Malware Detections Report gives you information on mails marked as spam and malware respectively. You can get the sender's email address, recipient's email address, subject of the email, size of the email, and more. With this information you can find out whether the emails are targeted at a particular mailbox or the entire organization.

This would definitely come in handy while taking steps to thwart malicious activities.

Did you know that it is possible to track user to user email activity?

Yes, M365 Manager Plus makes it possible. User to User Email Activity Report gives you the complete summary of emails sent and received between any two particular users. The details include emails count, emails size, emails pending, emails delivered, spams sent and received, and more.

Apart from the above mentioned reports, you have

  • Top Sender Report
  • Top Recipient Report
  • Email Activity by Groups Report
  • Undelivered Emails Report
  • Emails to Invalid Address Report, and more.

Click here to know more about Exchange Online mail traffic reports.


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