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Microsoft 365 public folder reports

Public folders created in your Exchange Online environment enable easy collaboration within your organization so you can collect, organize, and share information together. Public folders can be mail-enabled and added as members to any distribution group.

M365 Manager Plus, a comprehensive Microsoft 365 reporting tool, provides elaborate reports to facilitate easy public folder management. View details on public folders, mail-enabled public folders and their contents and statistics, and more. You can also export all these reports to PDF, HTML, CSV, and XLSX formats and schedule them to be generated and emailed to you at designated intervals.

M365 Manager Plus' reports on Microsoft 365 public folders cover:

Public folders report

Exchange Online Public Folders report

View the public folders available in your Microsoft 365 setup, including their names and paths. This report also provides information on whether or not the folders are mail-enabled, whether or not they have sub-folders, the size cap of contained items, and more.

Mail-enabled public folders

M365 Manager Plus Mail-enabled public folders

View all mail-enabled public folders available in your Microsoft 365 setup, including details on display names, email addresses, email alias names, creation dates, and more. Mail-enabling a public folder allows users to add items to the folder by email. These items are then saved in the public folder for later reference.

Mail-enabled public folder items

M365 Manager Plus Mail-enabled public folder items

Public folders can contain documents, emails, sticky notes, contacts, and more.This report gives an overview of the items present in mail-enabled public folders with details including item type, item size, item subject, creation date, last modification time, and more.

Mail- enabled public folder statistics

Exchange Online Mail enabled public folder statistics

View information on all mail-enabled public folders in your organization including details on the item count, owner count, creation dates, last modification times, deleted items sizes, and more.

Public folder activity report

M365 Manager Plus Public folder activity report

View the audit trial of user activities on public folders, including details on who created which public folder and when, what operation was performed, the status of the operation, and more. This report helps you keep an eye on user activities to make sure nothing falls out of line.

Public folder permission report

M365 Manager Plus Public folder permission report

View the list of public folders along with the details of the users who access these public folders and their access rights.

Generate reports on public folders without PowerShell scripts.

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