Mobile Device Manager Plus + Zendesk

Integrate Mobile Device Manager Plus with Zendesk to leverage our security commands.

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Track real-time locations of devices.

Use Geo-Tracking to track the accurate geographical location of your managed devices.

Fetch granular asset details.

Simplify device management by performing actions that fetch granular hardware and app details of managed devices.

Protect corporate data present in managed devices.

Remotely wipe corporate data on lost devices, or perform resets to protect users' personal data.

Remotely lock lost devices.

Remotely lock misplaced or stolen devices from the Mobile Device Manager Plus console. To increase the chances of retrieving these devices, configure personalized messages that display the owners' contact information on the lock screens of devices.

Troubleshoot device-level issues remotely.

Remotely view or control managed devices anytime for instantaneous resolution of issues. Additionally, chat with the device user and remotely execute security commands through chat.

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