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Power supply monitoring and management is essential to ensure that your network systems are operational in the event of an outage. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) monitoring plays an integral part in the functioning of an organization. Proactive UPS monitoring helps you get through a power outage without any interruptions. An effective UPS power monitoring software gives you critical insights on battery charge, performance and sends you alerts on critical. Depending on the size of the network, you can upgrade your power system to handle extended outages. The UPS monitoring software can also be configured to alert you when a battery needs to be replaced or when a battery cannot sustain the requirements of a network. UPS monitoring tools are essential to maintain 100% uptime for your network.

Monitor UPS with OpManager

OpManager helps you simplify power management for your entire network. Real-time monitoring of your power systems is crucial in reducing unplanned outages and achieve 100% uptime. OpManager notifies you of any power outages or imminent server shutdown in real time and reduces the risk of losing data due to events that cause major power failures. This enables faster resolution and handling of the network, server, and service outages.
With OpManager, you can.

  • Automatically discover and classify UPS devices.
  • Monitor and track UPS and battery performance over a period of time.
  • Get customized alerts and prevent network/server downtime.
  • Generate reports and audit power management events.
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UPS performance monitoring

OpManager automatically discovers and classifies UPS devices. When a UPS device is discovered, OpManager automatically associates a few in-built monitors to the devices based on vendors that fetch the battery health, battery status, battery runtime, the last test result, output volts, output current, and last self-test data. The link state (input and output line voltage) is also monitored by OpManager. OpManager monitors UPS using SNMP protocol which allows information about network-connected devices to be collected in a standardized way. OpManager is a comprehensive UPS monitoring system which allows you to create custom templates that can be associated with a UPS device to keep track of status and performance or a particular aspect of the device.

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Monitor UPS and related UPS metrics with OpManager, the comprehensive UPS power management software.
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UPS monitoring alerts

OpManager offers customized alerts and notification in real-time. You can also configure thresholds for UPS monitors and receive only the alerts that you need to see. Having a proactive network fault monitoring tool like OpManager helps you identify the root cause of any UPS monitoring problem and fix it before it affects network uptime. All the alarms raised are color-coded, and administrators can view the event history associated with an alarm. OpManager's notification mechanism can notify you through SMS and/or e-mail whenever an alarm occurs. Keep track of power management and analyze critical battery management stats to take control of your network's power.

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UPS monitoring dashboard and reports

OpManager helps you quickly view the status of UPS and power systems in your network by giving a high-level snapshot of all the related metrics in the form of widgets. All the widgets are customizable and additional user-specific dashboards can also be created. All the information and data can also be generated as a report which can be used for auditing. OpManager has more than 100 in-built reporting profiles and also provides the option to schedule reports.

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