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Case Study

Digicel performs health checks 40 percent faster with Applications Manager

Case Study

"Applications Manager has made it easier for us to react to issues in our network. Our downtime has now been considerably reduced."

Vishnu Bridgelalsingh
VANS Engineer, Digicel


With operations in 31 countries and over 14 million wireless users worldwide, Digicel is a leading mobile phone network provider. Established in 2011, Digicel offers a myriad of services including mobile communications, business solutions, media, and entertainment.

Digicel is committed towards bringing leading edge technologies to the market and has so far invested over $5 billion in the telecommunications sector. Download PDF

The Business Challenge:

Being a leading telecommunications company, Digicel offers multiple services to its customers. These services require different types of technology such as application servers, databases, and servers, and each department uses its own variation of technology. Some departments use Windows servers with Oracle databases, while others use Linux and Solaris servers with Oracle databases. This means that to ensure continuous, uninterrupted availability of Digicel's services, all of the company's applications and underlying infrastructure needs to function smoothly, 24/7.

Vishnu Bridgelalsingh, VANS Engineer at Digicel, stated that the main challenge his team encountered when running applications was performing health checks and analyzing performance issues. Due to a wide range of applications and specific commands used to perform health checks on these applications, identifying the root cause of performance issues and resolving them was a cumbersome process. These inherent challenges, along with the company's large infrastructure, drove Digicel to start looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one application monitoring tool.


  • Increase in health checkup

    Increase in health checkup


  • Reduction in downtime

    Reduction in downtime


  • Increase in adherence to SLAs

    Increase in adherence to SLAs


The Solution:

When Bridgelalsingh and his team decided to take on these challenges and look for a solution, their primary choice was Applications Manager. When asked what made his team choose Applications Manager over other products, Bridgelalsingh said, "Affordability was one of the primary reasons that drove us to opt for Applications Manager. Since then, we haven't looked back." Apart from affordability, smooth functionality also played a vital role before they signed the dotted line. After experiencing how efficient Applications Manager is, Digicel made plans to use the tool to monitor servers and applications for multiple markets in the Caribbean.

Prior to Applications Manager, Digicel's IT team spent much of its time performing health checks. Applications Manager's instant health checks and its compatibility with a wide range of applications and servers have saved Bridgelalsingh's team a lot of time. Now, it's much easier for the team to call scripts and display data by running necessary checks. One of the main benefits Digicel has seen from using Applications Manager is a noticable decrease in its critical apps' downtime. "Unplanned downtime was one of our biggest setbacks. After installing Applications Manager, downtime has been considerably reduced, and this has enhanced the end-user experience," said Bridgelalsingh.

Key Features of Applications Manager:

  • Performs health status checks for every infrastructure component in Digicel's application performance monitoring ecosystem.
  • Offers compatibility with a wide range of applications and servers.
  • Proactively identifies performance bottlenecks and resolves them before end users are affected.
  • Provides comprehensive reports that track data over time, which has proven useful for Digicel's server and application analysis.
  • Enables unified visibility and considerably reduces downtime.
  • Easily imports data from Digicel's servers for reporting and monitoring purposes.

The Digicel team also appreciates the technical support offered by ManageEngine. "The support for Applications Manager is timely and efficient. The engineers are very knowledgeable and are very willing to assist with resolving issues and providing information that you may need."

"Applications Manager helps in honoring Digicel's commitment towards establishing a global digital program by preempting performance issues and resolving them swiftly. I would definitely recommend this application to anyone who has either not already used a similar product, or is currently using another product and is unaware of what Applications Manager can provide," Bridgelalsingh concluded.

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