Oracle Coherence Servers Monitoring


Applications Manager provides out-of-the-box performance metrics and helps you visualize the health and availability of an Oracle coherence server farm. Database administrators can login to the web client and visualize the status and Oracle coherence performance metrics.

Creating a new Oracle Coherence Monitor

Prerequisites for monitoring Oracle Coherence metrics: Ensure that you enable JMX for Oracle Coherence monitoring. For you to create a new Oracle Coherence monitor, you should have admin privileges.

Using the REST API to add a new Oracle Coherence monitor: Click here

  1. Click on New Monitor link.
  2. Select Oracle Coherence.
  3. Enter the Display Name of the monitor
  4. Enter the IP Address or hostname of the host.
  5. Enter the JMX Port in which the JMX is running.
  6. Enter the Additional JMX Port in which the JMX is already running in any of the other machine of the same cluster.
  7. Choose the Credential Details either use below credentials or select from credential list
  8. Enter the Username and Password.
  9. Enter JNDI Path (eg.) /jmxrmi
  10. Enter the polling interval time in minutes.
  11. Choose the Monitor Group from the combo box with which you want to associate Oracle database server Monitor (optional). You can choose multiple groups to associate your monitor.
  12. Click Add Monitor(s). This discovers Oracle database server from the network and starts monitoring them.
  • To create a new Oracle Coherence monitor, you should have admin privileges.
  • Jconsole can also be used to access the Mbeans.
  • In case you are unable to add the monitor even after enabling JMX, try providing the below argument:

Monitored Parameters

  • Availability tab gives the Availability history for the past 24 hours or 30 days.
  • Performance tab gives the Health Status and events for the past 24 hours or 30 days.
  • List view enables you to perform bulk admin configurations.

Click on the individual monitors listed, to view the following information.

Cluster Details

Attribute Name Description
ClusterName Name of Cluster
Cluste Size Size of Cluster
LocalMemberID (Management ID) Member ID of the Node to which the JMX gets Connected
OldestMemberID The Node ID that is Running at First
MemberDepartureCount Number of nodes that gets Departed
Version Version of Oracle Coherence
LicenseMode License Mode Either Development or Production or Evaluation
DistributedServiceCount Number of Distributed Service that is Configured
NonDistributedServiceCount Number of Replicated Based Service that is Configured
ExtendServiceConnection Extend Service Connection Count

Partition Assignment

Attribute Name Description
CoordinatorId OwnerShip Distribution Co-Ordinator
ServiceMachineCount (Storage Machine Count) Number of Service Machine
ServiceNodeCount Number of Service Node
StrategyName Strategy Name
HAStatus Status of Storage Backups
Service Name Name of Service

Distributed and Replicated Services

Attribute Name Description
StorageEnabled Whether Storage enabled or not
MessagesLocal (Number of Messages) Number of Local Messages in Node
MessagesReceived Number of Messages Received
MessagesSent Number of Messages Sent
PartitionsAll Partition All
PartitionsEndangered Endangered Partitions
PartitionsVulnerable Vulnerable Partitions
ServiceName Name of Service
StatusHA Status of Node
Type Type of Service
Unicast Unicast address

Extend Connection Manager

Attribute Name Description
ConnectionTimeMillis Amount of milliseconds of Connection
TotalMessagesReceived Total Messages Received
TotalMessagesSent Total Messages Sent
TotalBytesReceived Total Bytes Received
TotalBytesSent Total Bytes Sent
RemoteAddress Remote Address
Timestamp Time of Connection Establishment


Attribute Name Description
ConnectionCount Number of Connection
UnauthorizedConnectionAttempts Unauthorized Connection Attempts
TotalMessagesSent Total Messages Sent
TotalMessagesReceived Total Messages received
TotalBytesReceived Total Bytes Received
TotalBytesSent Total Bytes Sent
HostIP Host IP


Attribute Name Description
Id Id of Node
UnicastAddress Unicast Address
WeakestChannel Weakest Channel
PacketsSent Packets Sent
PacketsReceived Packets Received
PublisherSuccessRate Publisher Success rate
ReceiverSuccessRate Receiver Success rate
MemoryAvailableMB Memory Available
MemoryMaxMB Memory Maximum