LDAP Server Monitoring

Creating a new LDAP monitor

Using the REST API to add a new LDAP monitor: Click here

To create an LDAP monitor, follow the given steps:

  1. Click on New Monitor link. Choose LDAP Serverunder Services.
  2. Enter the Display Name for the monitor.
  3. Enter the LDAP Server and LDAP Server Port of the server wherein the services are running.
  4. If Authentication is enabled, enter the Username and Password. If no username and password is provided, then it will connect to LDAP server as anonymous login.
  5. Enter the Searchbase value.
  6. Enter the Searchfilter value.
  7. Select the Matching Attribute from the pull down menu.
  8. Select the Filter Condition from the pull down menu.
  9. Enter the Search Result string value which will match with search results.
  10. Enter the Timeout period which will be used to establish connection with the LDAP server.
  11. Click YES or NO option to check if the connection is secured. If YES (to enable SSL mode), then import the certificate of LDAP server into Applications Manager. Please follow the steps (given below) provided to import the LDAP certificate into Applications Manager Truststore.truststore. Once the procedure is complete, restart Applications Manager.
  12. Provide the Polling interval for monitoring the LDAP montior.
  13. If you are adding a new monitor from an Admin Server, select a Managed Server.
  14. Choose the Monitor Group from the combo box to which you want to associate the Monitor (optional). You can choose multiple groups to associate your monitor.
  15. Click Add Monitor(s). This discovers the LDAP monitor from the network and starts monitoring them.
Note: To import certificate into Applications Manager, execute the following command:
<Applications_Manager_Home>/working/jre/bin/keytool -import -keystore
<Applications_Manager_Home>/working/conf/Truststore.truststore -storepass appmanager -trustcacerts -alias <alias_name> -file <ldap_certificate_file_path>

<Applications_Manager_Home> - Applications Manager installed home directory
<alias_name> - Provide an alias name for the LDAP certificate
<ldap_certificate_file_path> - Provide absolute path to the LDAP certificate
appmanager - This is the password for the LDAP certificate. Ensure that you do not change the password.


  • Security/Firewall Requirements - The LDAP server host and port should be accessible from the machine where Applications manager is installed.
  • User Privilege - The required user credentials should be provided.


Monitored Parameters

Go to the Monitors Category View by clicking the Monitors tab. Click on LDAP Server under the Services table. Displayed is the LDAP Server bulk configuration view distributed into three tabs:

  • Availability tab gives the Availability history for the past 24 hours or 30 days.
  • Performance tab gives the Health Status and events for the past 24 hours or 30 days.
  • List view tab enables you to perform bulk admin configurations.

Following are the list of metrics that are monitored in LDAP monitor:

Performance Overview

Parameter Description
Response Time Time taken for establishing the connection with the LDAP server and fetching the response from the server (in ms).
Login Time Time taken to login into the LDAP server (in ms).
Time taken for Search Time taken for performing search operation in LDAP server (in ms).
Total Response Time Total time taken to login and perform search operation in LDAP server (in ms).
Search Result Row Count Displays the row count of the search result, which displays the total rows returned after a search was executed.
Search Result Matching Indicates whether the search was a success or a failure.